Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 99 - Baptisms for Christmas!

Hey everyone! 
Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas like mine! 

Well pretty much the best Christmas present I could receive was 3 baptisms this weekend - and they got confirmed on Christmas day. It was SOOO cool because Luis (this punkyish kid who's 16) brought dress pants and a white shirt and we lent him a tie. He looked really good :)

We had a Christmas party with a couple other zones together so it was fun to see old friends. Every zone had to do a skit about Christmas and we did a funny nativity - I was Joseph and I couldn't believe Mary was pregnant "explain to me again? So an angel comes to visit you, and BOOM you're pregnant? I don't buy it!" haha everyone (including president thought our skit was pretty funny) :) And we ate some turkey! Adrianna was there so she gave me a big ol' turkey leg :)

We also ate some Papa Johns as well for a Christmas Eve lunch with a couple of other missionaries! But I've had SOO much pizza for these last couple of days so I'm going to take it easy there haha. And today, we had dinner at the Calderon's.

I did have changes yesterday/today so this'll be fun! Haha it's my last change in my mission and I had to pack up and go to a new area for a month and a half haha... BUT it's pretty sweet because my comp is Elder Garca - a Guatemalan that I've been good buddies for a while so there's no worries there. And my area is called San Ramon and it's part of Alajuela - the best part is that it's super chilly here (huge contrast to San Roque) so I'm going to be enjoying the cooooool weather haha! 

Pictures are all on Elder Alfaro's camera so I'll try to get those to you next week when he sends them to me.

And best of all, I got to talk to the family. I LOVE THOSE GUYS SO MUCH! Everyone is so much older, taller, and different...but at the same time, exactly the same. AND Shoutout to Momma Stott for NOT CRYING! YES - 22 months in and she's finally got it down! And now I don't have any more calls left.. So next time it'll be in person! 

Well, thank you everyone for the kind wishes and love! I can feel it all the way down here in Costa Rica 4365 miles away! I love you all and hope that everybody has an amazing start to 2017!

Pura Vida!

- Elder Stotticus!!! 💪

A family from St. George, UT came to visit and sent this pic to my mom

Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 98 - O Holy Shoes & Tighty Whities

Hey there!

Well, just wanted to wish everyone a cordial merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Elder Stott and all my buds here in beautiful Costa Rica!
Looks like I'll be enjoying a toasty hot Christmas at about 85ish degrees so it looks like I'm on Heat-Meiser's team this year. haha
Well this past week was super packed!
Tuesday - we went caroling in the park as 2 zones combined which was cool! A lot of people loved my Santa hat with an attached beard - gotta keep things crazy here haha.
Wednesday - We headed to the Old Folk's home to sing carols, act out a play, play board games, and just hang out! I actually really really enjoyed being there and making some new friends - even if they fell asleep on me! I promise I'm not boring company haha ;) I took pictures with my Saint friend (not sure which Saint he is - because there's so many of them here haha).
     (if you click on these on your mobile devices they open a more clear pic)

Thursday - we found a lot (I mean a lot) of homeless people or people that have very little and we shared with them too! We had some clothing-drives to collect clothing for them & we also cooked food and brought food to them. I even met a guy who served in the Israeli Army which was pretty dang cool to get to meet him.

Friday - I had divisions with Elder Fuentes in Santa Cruz where I did a ton of baptismal interviews. Those are always way interesting hahaha. But it was a good time being with old friends and being with a friend of mine over there in Santa Cruz. We (Alfaro and I) invited the other district to ice cream which was pretty cool as well.
Saturday - the zones had a baptism where there was 5 people getting baptized. One of the little girls wanted me to baptize her so, even though we didn't have a baptism, we got to have a part in it. Actually it was pretty funny because I could not, for the life of me, find my white pants. So I had to borrow a pair of size 28 pants and they were SO FREAKIN TIGHT! - I felt like a boy band singer from One Direction or something hahaha. And to make it worse, they made me lead the music in the meeting so that I would have to go in front of everyone. Good times for Elder Stott... haha

Well it's crazy how time flies so fast. Now all my shoes have holes in them haha... I'm really thankful for the time that I have here in the mission as well that I have quite a bit of time left too. I love serving! And even though it's the hardest thing by far that I've ever done, I completely love it. I've said before, there are lots of hard times, but the good times are far better and stronger than the bad.

I hope that we can all remember the true Christmas Spirit and why we truly celebrate. I love my Savior and I am so grateful for Him and all that He's done for me!
Be safe! And let it snow ;)
Pura Vida!

- Elder Stott  

Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 97 - I Feel Like a Tico

Hey hey!

Hope everyone is keeping warm over there in the states! Here its about 80 degrees and it feels a little chilly here too so it’s beginning to feel a little like Christmas haha!

As far as this passed week, not very much “write-able” things happened this week haha.

We did buy pizza so that was pretty cool haha – but we felt really fat later this week haha.

President came to visit Guanacaste and he actually came to study and work with us. It was really really cool because you could feel the power that he has (he was an area seventy before he was mission president) as he testified of the things we taught. I've learned a lot of awesome things from him - one of my favorite is that we need to be "una cabeza" (a head) and never "una cola" a tail. We're meant to be leaders and to always do everything we can do - I've learned that mediocrity is never an option. Good stuff right? haha.

This week we're gearing up for Miracle Week baby! This week we're going to go to a nursing home to sing Christmas carols and we're also going to go serve hot chocolate to homeless people and share a Christmas message - there's going to be lots of great stuff happening - I'll make sure to send lot of pictures!

Well, today I was reading in Mormon, about the final battles of the Nephites and Lamanites and it actually made me pretty sad. because Mormon was so heart-broken. The Lord gave so many opportunities to repent and change, but the wicked chose to remain wicked. It reminded me that although we are not perfect, we should never ever give up. If we do, it could affect us a lot more than we think. We should always have goals to improve ourselves and to press forward! One thing that I've thought and I really like is that we should have goals and dreams so big, that they scare small minds! I love that! Keep scaring small minds!

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be here in Costa Rica. I love the people and their culture. Sometimes, I forget that I'm not from here because I feel like a Tico. I love this Gospel and the hope that it ALWAYS offers us, we just have to do our part! Keep moving forward with faith in every footstep baby!!!! WHOOO HOOO haha 

Love all you guys,

- Elder Stott!  

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 96 - 22 Month Missionary!!

Hey guys! Hope everyone's having a great first week of Christmas! 

I really love this time of year. It gives us lots of time to reflect the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Really, we should remember him all year long but this time of year is extra special. In the mission, we're focused on what we're going to give to Him this year. We're fighting for 100 confirmations this month (we've done it 1 time since the mission split) so we're fighting hard here in San Roque.

But back to the topic of Christmas, I learned yesterday watching the Christmas devotional that we need to focus on the gift that we have as members of Christ's church... the gift of the Holy Ghost. And use His influence the best we can! If you guys didn't get a chance to see the devotional, I totally recommend it!

Well this week we went to San Jose for a Leadership Council which was pretty cool! I always learn new things there which is good stuff haha. 
Our bus rides (the 2 of them) both took 6 hours for all the traffic, but it all turned out alright because I ate Subway after haha.

Guess who cooked for us?!  Adriana!!
We helped a lady who's less active move a giant dresser thing. It weighed about as much as the entertainment center in the living room and we had to move it a block... I was sweating like crazy! Lot's of exercise there! 

With animals, I'm always smacking giant toads out of our house. Now I know (kinda) how Pharaoh felt when he had the plague of frogs. Those things are nasty and are the size of my two fists together hahaha.

For part of investigators we saw a miracle this week! So remember Leiner and Lesnar (the kids that were really close to being baptized)? Well, their parents want to get married and baptized this month on the 31st! I'M SO STOKED!!! They don't have a ton of money, so Elder Stott is going to become House-seller Stott - selling bread and stuff to help them to raise money for the wedding. I'm not hoping to work in sales after the mission.... haha not very fun. But, right now, totally worth it if the get baptized! So we'll be working really hard with them!

Well, not much else to catch up on.. We threw a big sports activity here in Liberia today and I got FRIED by the sun. But oh well, it was fun and helped unite the zone a little bit mas. 

For me, the mission honestly isn't something that makes you naturally happy although there are lots of happy moments! We just have to learn how to be happy! You have to look for the happy moments and miracles every day! 

Well I love my time that I've had the chance to have here! I love my mission and I love my Savior!

Check out this video! It's one of the best ones I've seen - really will help remind us how to share the Christmas Spirit! 

Love all you guys! Keep at it! 
Arriba, mas arriba! Adelante, mas adelante! 

- Elder Stott 

My home away from home - at the Calderon's

Sister Calderon was wearing Oregon Duck colors!!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 95 - Here I Am, Rock You Like a Hurricane!

Hello familia!

Well this week was crazy that’s for sure haha!

So to start it off, I got my itinerary last week which is nuts… It’s hard to believe that my mission is coming to end here soon :( But the good thing is that I still have a lot of work to do.

Second, this last week was Week of Miracles baby! We had a ton of good plans going and actually Tuesday was a really successful day as a zone. Basically we went out and talked to tons of people in the central park here in Liberia. I played some soccer with some kids and they all said they’d come to church – I actually think they came but to a different ward haha. I beat a guy in a pushup contest too (168 but who’s counting), and the prize was that he’d come to church but the dude didn’t come…but good excuse for exercise! The rest of the week went really interesting thanks to my good friend Otto…

Yep, that was us north-west of San Jose - right under the angry red spot.

So we actually were warned by a couple of members on Monday about a hurricane that could move in. And on Wednesday the Assistants told us to help our zone out getting canned foods and water ready and to be on the alert. The days before, the weather was super cool and a little bit of wind. Actually it was really calm too, but an eerie calm.. A lot of shops were closed but we just kept working. Thursday (Happy Late Thanksgiving) we all had to go to our houses at 4:30 pm because the hurricane/storm was starting to hit Liberia. While heading back to the house, man, the sky got super, super weird. First the sky turned black and super dark, and then after, it got super red and all the birds started flying away from where the storm was coming from. And that’s when we realized it was going to be real and get bad soon so we headed to the house even quicker. haha In the house we just planned and I cleaned while my comp called some areas to see how they were doing. We actually tried to order Pizza too, but they were closed. haha  At 9pm, the lights went out.. There was a TON of rain and a TON of wind too so it was kinda cool but super scary at the same time. I took a picture outside in the middle of Otto to remember and a selfie with my comp. I took numbers from the zone by light from candles – I kind of felt like Joseph Smith, doing my missionary work by candlelight haha. And after calling all the zones and talking to the AP’s and President, we finally just went to bed.

See how red the sky is?  Weird.
The next morning, it was really cold (a miracle – there’s the miracle in miracle week for you) and everything was gray. We left and worked like normal but it was weird because NOBODY was outside! I’m super thankful that our house wasn’t damaged all that much and that we are all safe! To celebrate the safety of our District and Thanksgiving, we invited the District to my home-boy Papa John’s! The last time I ate PJ’s was with my trainer in Alajuelita.. Crazy haha. But really, any holiday feels really weird here haha - basically doesn't feel like anything. 

On Saturday, we helped the Sisters with their baptism and I baptized her! I love baptismal services – and getting to baptize is always really special too.

Other than that, this week was pretty normal… Kidding haha. Not really, but I’m really thankful for the people we were able to teach and serve this week and also for the safety we had during the storm.

It reminds me of the story when the Apostles are hit by a storm in their fishing boat and they woke Christ fearing that they were going to die. And like we all know, Christ calmed everything. He also promises us peace and calm in our lives in whatever storm that comes if we search Him out. That’s why as missionaries, we go out looking for people who need more of our Savior’s love in their lives. I love seeing the light shine in people’s eyes who finally receive the pure and restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It honestly makes everything worth it here. I love my mission, I love this Gospel and I love my Savior!

Totally safe and loving what I'm doing!!

Keep it 100!
Vivo y dinamico,

- Elder Stott  

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 93 - Pennies for Pizza

Good news!  We got Josh's return itinerary today - he gets home February 9th!

Hey fambam!

Well whatsup? Hope all you guys had a great week!

Well this week honestly flew by really really fast! It’s a little different here without Chino (I miss that guy) but it’s still really good. My comp is really athletic and he likes Barcelona (the professional soccer team from Spain). We get along really well – he is a little serious but fun too, and he as lots of energy to work which is awesome.

The Zone is really good. President is really happy with the progress that we’re making – so if President’s happy, everyone’s happy haha :) There were some changes in the zone but some really great missionaries came. It’s funny because I’m pretty much the craziest missionary here in the zone. I've learned that to have success, you have to have fun too. Obviously there are lots of times where we need to be pretty serious, but I think the missionaries enjoy the energy and excitement! I always feel like a football coach with them haha. One of my favorite things to do is yell "Who guides this mission?!" and the answer is "The God of Israel!!!" it's pretty sick haha

This week elder Alfaro and I bought a pizza with straight coins haha. We'd both been saving all our little coins haha. We bought a pizza that costed 10mil (20bucks) expensive - I know. With coins that are 1 and 5 cents hahaha. It tasted really good haha.

This week was pretty good with teaching as well! Elder Alfaro and I teach really well together. He's pretty young but he teaches powerfully through the Spirit! So I really enjoy teaching with him!

Thanksgiving will be pretty normal here. There's a member that lives in Santa Cruz (an area in the zone) that's good friends with me. And he loves US culture so he invited us to go eat some turkey in his house - hopefully those plans come through... If not, I'll eat a giant banquet of everything that we have in the house haha! Btw turkeys are chompipi's here :)

This week we came to a party of a little girl that's investigating the church, so we had some fun with pictures there haha :)

I have a new-found love for Fruitloops, so I've been eating boat-loads of the stuff. Still the same with smoothies and yogurt with oatmeal. Skinny Elder Stott here we come! haha

Well, things are a-okay here in San Roque. Loving my time even though it's passing by super fast! Gotta enjoy every moment!

Thank you all for the love and support!
Vivo y dinamico!
- ELder Stott

Old pics of me and Chino being silly at a party


Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 92 - Chino is Gone :(

Hey everyone! Hope everything is sweet up there in the States!

Things are cooling down weather-wise here in San Roque!

Well it was time for my comp to go... He was for sure my favorite and craziest comp. Man, I'm going to miss that guy a lot. 

So obviously I got a new companion today! His name is Elder Alfaro from Coahoila, Mexico - the same place where Chino is from. He has like 13 months in the mission and seems like a really great guy. A little bit more on the quiet side but I think we'll get along well! So I'll be staying here in the area until Christmas at least, but I think I'll end here in San Roque!

So today I started my second-to-last change here in the mission which is super crazy. (Don't tell mom, she'll get even more excited) And I think that today is day 650, but not too sure there. My goal right now is to live the mission dream these last 3 months and enjoy every minute I have left!

We had interviews with President this week because he's doing his rotation for the whole mission! Well Chino had his last interview there and my interview went really well. This time I came prepared with questions just looking for advice. He is such an inspired man and his advice is so specific and always on point. Much respect. He said in our zone conference that along with one other zone, our zones are leading the mission! Hopefully that continues until I finish! 

Well not much else to talk about this passed week! I'll be sure to take pictures with my new comp this week! 

Love all you guys! Take care!

Siempre vivo y dinamico!

- Elder Stott

Decorating for Christmas - at the Calderon's

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 91 - Sushi and a Song

Hey fam! What's cracking?!
Haha this week was a pretty great one! To end it great, you have to start great. So, obviously we ate sushi! The presentation was alright but it tasted good. And I found my tuna nigiri! (it's my favorite kind that's on the right side)

Chino about to eat a Wasabi ball
We also went to San Jose for leadership council meeting which was really spiritual and fulfilling. I learned tons and I'm stoked to be able to put all I learned into practice in my life and with the zone as well. I was able to see some people that are really good friends the night before over in San Jose (we have to travel the night before because it's a bus ride of 5+ hours). So it was fun :)

My companion, Elder Lopez (Chino), is dying! He has more than 24 months and he'll hit 25 here soon! He's a good missionary but in few words, his ending! So I'll be riding his tail!
Noooot much else to talk about this passed week! But I've been feeling really thankful lately for the opportunity to serve here in Costa Rica. Missionaries aren't always the most welcomed people here but I love everyone here! I love the language as well, something that I never thought would happen. Most of all, I love this Gospel and my Savior. I don't know what I would do without both in my life. And that's why I'm still here! Helping people come to feel the love our Heavenly Father has for us. No matter how far we stray from the path, The Savior is always inviting us to come back and walk with him :)
I love all you guys! Thank you for the love and support! Happy November!
Over and out,

- Elder Stott

Me and Regina Luna Calderon - mama of an awesome family

Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 90 - Mala Crianza - The Snotty Brat

Hey fam!

How y'all doing? Hope everyone is doing great above or below me!
Things this week went really well! Lots of pictures this week!
First off, we had a baptism! It was Naomi, the little blonde freckled girl - she's 10 years old and she's really cute! Her baptism went well (so we were told - I'll explain later) but we were there for her confirmation. Actually we were really lucky because their car broke down on the way but we had a member who drives a bus go grab them so they were able to come :) She was super happy. We always chat about Tangled and how funny the Chameleon dude is, and of course Frozen. Can't miss that one.

So we found out that a lady that we're teaching is a chef. But not just an ordinary chef - she cooks the famous burger here in Liberia that's called the "Mala Crianza" or "the snotty kid/brat". Basically it's a beast of a burger with 4 buns and 4 patties. So, of course, she cooked it in her house especially for us - that's her in the middle. She's a really great lady :) The burger pretty much destroyed my stomach but it was good stuff haha.

So we got invited to a giant conference for the whole mission. There were Zone Leaders, Bishops, Stake Presidents, and an area Seventy, and of course Pte. Laboriel. The meeting was so cool and I got to talk to old Bishops and Stake Presidents that are really good friends. Heading back home we stopped at the business of the Stake President who lives really well. He gives suits to the leaders and he gave us brand new suits as well!! - I got a crisp new black suit :) :) :) :) But I'm going to wait until later to use it. The best part is that it's his own brand (It's "David J. Patey - Luxury Suits") GOOD STUFF.
Also, when I was in the bathroom this morning at 5am, a GIANT FREAKING BUTTERLY flew out of nowhere and smacked me in the face. I ran screaming out of the bathroom. That creature was the size of both my hands together - scary stuff. And it was black so of course it was worse.
Today, I promise to take pictures of sushi so yall can see how fancy I am.
Hope all you guys have a great day and that you remember how big of difference you can make in the world. Christ should always be at the center of everything in our lives. Faith in Jesus Christ prepares you for whatever life brings :)
Pura Vida! Keep the faith

- Elder Stott

Guess who we saw in Liberia?! The Rodriguez's!! I have missed them. Santiago is an awesome kid and I sure miss her cooking!  

And here's some pictures from our house and work space.

And a picture that an investigator took of me. haha Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 89 - The Cats Came Back

Well hey fam bam!

What’s good!? Haha I hope all is great up in the States!

Well this week was pretty good! Nothing to complain about!

Haha well something that I bet none of you has ever done! I swept ants out of our freezer! Yup. (Good stuff, I know) So here in CR there are ants everywhere always. If you leave food out, they'll find it. Well, when they find food the swarm everywhere and actually they're kinda scary because they bite really hard. But if you spray them, they run around and get poison everywhere in our kitchen. So, I found out that if you put them in the freezer, they all die, and none escape! Now you know! And after, you just sweep em out! Done deal.

As far as teaching, this week was great. We actually had Week of Milagros so we were able to teach lots of people this week. Actually, an hermano from church that's been inactive for years came who lives far away en la Cruz! Well, he has a little girl (Naomi) who's 10 and who want's to be baptized so, we're going to have a baptism this week! Hallelujah! She's really cool - I'll make sure to take pictures when we go to their house tomorrow. They live like an hour and a half in bus where it's super green and cool and everything - I'll try to take pictures there too!

Also, our feline friends came back and this time there was 4. But we finally got them to leave haha.

As for food, I'm still into smoothies. My favorite is OJ, banana, spinach, pineapple and chia seeds. It's my breakfast now! Good stuff!

Things are good here! I'm loving the mission with its good days, not so good days and everything in between! It's really a blessing to be out here! I know that the Lord blesses us immediately if we are obedient and resist temptation! I like this part from Elder Holland's 1999 talk: “Don’t give up, boy. Don’t you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead—a lot of it—30 years of it now, and still counting. You keep your chin up. It will be all right in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come.”

There are many good things to come! Love all you guys so much!
Keep the faith! The church is true!
Pura vida!

- Elder Stott
The Calderon's son, wearing my name plaque

Chino y Nacho

Chino drew this - of me in Guanacaste

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 88 - Sunsets and Smoothies

Hey guys!
Hope all is well state-side and around the world!
Things have been pretty great down here in beautiful Costa Rica! Lot's of pretty sunsets here! I usually don't take too many pictures outside because honestly, my area is not very pretty - but, I do what I can!

This week went pretty well! I had divisions here in my area with a new elder who's having some problems with missing home and the language. It's pretty tough being a new missionary and especially leaving straight-out of Highschool! Going from living at home to living alone in the mission is a HUGE difference, but it can definitely be done! He's a really really good guy and I actually had lots of fun with him! Lots of advice and encouragement - that's what I love about having the opportunity to serve as a leader. It's an opportunity to serve and lift others rather than exercize power or to lift myself up. I learn so much - I love it!
The cats came back but this time, there's 3! The mom always comes to feed them and then leaves so we're like baby-sitters. It's been a long time since I've babysat and the worst part is I'm not even paid!
Well, for part of the work, things have been pretty good as far as investigators. We've been finding and meeting lots of new people to teach, including a family of 9 that like to listen and learn - I'm hoping that there's progress there! We've had to leave other investigators for a while but it's to find others who are willing to make changes in their lives and progress! My saying as a ZL and missionary is that "It's all a process!" haha but sometimes it's frustrating because the process can be really slow. Just really have to have a lot of faith!
Elder Stott is now a smoothie-making machine! My favorite is spinach, banana, orange and chia smoothie! It's really good! Fills ya up and without saying too much, really cleans you out too! haha and as far as cooking, it's a process ;) Hey did you know that loofah's actually grow in Costa Rica??

Today Chino and I are planning on eating some sushi - hopefully we find a place with some good deals - I'll take some pictures there too!
Well, life is good here. Stressfull sometimes but good! The mission has been the hardest thing that I've ever done! Dan Gable (a famous wrestler once said, "Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy." But my version would be, "Once you've served a mission, everything else in life is easy". haha but I really love it here! It's crazy to think that the end is somewhat near but at the same time, I try not to think too much about it! It's going to be hard to leave the people and country that I love so much!
I love this Gospel and I love my Savior!
Thanks everyone for the love and support!
Vivo y dinamico! Keep the faith!

- Elder Stott

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week 87 - Chino y Nacho

Hope everyone had a good week! 
Well my week was pretty interesting:

  1.  So not sure if you guys remember Jóse, the guy who I baptized back in Hatillo last year? Well it was more than a year ago and I haven't been able to get their phone number forever until yesterday I finally got a hold of it! So of course I called him and his wife to see how they were doing and they told me that they got SEALED IN THE TEMPLE LAST SATURDAY! So of course, I started dancing around the apartment :) Converts like that make everything so worth it. I was really really happy!
  1. Yesterday we went to a sweet beach part of our Province (Guanacaste) to check out the situation over there. The Stake President and our Mission President are talking about opening up an area over there so Pres. asked us to check things out to see if it'd be good to have missionaries there! Normally there's a couple of beaches in CR where there’s lots of trouble but Sámara turned out alright! It was actually really cool weather wise and pretty! I think missionaries would do really well out there so we’re hoping that they open up that area!

  1. Sunday in the morning we found baby cats in our house! And the first thing that popped in my head is "oh man, Pres. is going to kill us if we have pets" So of course, the first thing we do is name them and give them milk (their names were Chino y Nacho because my comp's nickname is Chino so I'm Nacho by default haha) but man, these cats were like 2 weeks old and tiny. I'm totally a manly man but these cats were pretty cute haha. The black one is chino and there's a white one named Nacho. So we played with them until the mom came and took away one while we were gone working. But then it came back later and grabbed Chino too :( They grew up so fast! My comp was calling me "Mama Stott" because I was always taking care of them haha

  1. Sunday was a really really good Sacrament meeting! I took some advice that the Prophets gave us in General Conference to take the whole week to prepare to take the sacrament. I felt a lot of love and gratitude in my heart for the sacrifice that my Savior made for me. The best way to explain my feeling that day was that my heart “was full”. I love this Gospel so much. In my mission, my testimony of the Savior has sky-rocketed. I can now honestly say that even more than being some far-off God that died for me, He is my best friend. He knows me and all my struggles and imperfections and He’s so patient with me when I’ve had to make my way back. It’s something that I hold very special and I just wish that the people that we teach could feel that same love. That’s why I’m out here – to help people establish a stronger relationship with our Savior!  
Well all in all, things are really great here. Really loving the mission! It's the best thing there is! Proud to serve in this great work! Hope you're all doing well! Remember to be patient and to love everyone :) Have a great week everyone!

Do good, get better, and be the best :)

Love you guys! 
Al Reino de Dios o nada!

- Elder Stott