Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 92 - Chino is Gone :(

Hey everyone! Hope everything is sweet up there in the States!

Things are cooling down weather-wise here in San Roque!

Well it was time for my comp to go... He was for sure my favorite and craziest comp. Man, I'm going to miss that guy a lot. 

So obviously I got a new companion today! His name is Elder Alfaro from Coahoila, Mexico - the same place where Chino is from. He has like 13 months in the mission and seems like a really great guy. A little bit more on the quiet side but I think we'll get along well! So I'll be staying here in the area until Christmas at least, but I think I'll end here in San Roque!

So today I started my second-to-last change here in the mission which is super crazy. (Don't tell mom, she'll get even more excited) And I think that today is day 650, but not too sure there. My goal right now is to live the mission dream these last 3 months and enjoy every minute I have left!

We had interviews with President this week because he's doing his rotation for the whole mission! Well Chino had his last interview there and my interview went really well. This time I came prepared with questions just looking for advice. He is such an inspired man and his advice is so specific and always on point. Much respect. He said in our zone conference that along with one other zone, our zones are leading the mission! Hopefully that continues until I finish! 

Well not much else to talk about this passed week! I'll be sure to take pictures with my new comp this week! 

Love all you guys! Take care!

Siempre vivo y dinamico!

- Elder Stott

Decorating for Christmas - at the Calderon's

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