Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 93 - Pennies for Pizza

Good news!  We got Josh's return itinerary today - he gets home February 9th!

Hey fambam!

Well whatsup? Hope all you guys had a great week!

Well this week honestly flew by really really fast! It’s a little different here without Chino (I miss that guy) but it’s still really good. My comp is really athletic and he likes Barcelona (the professional soccer team from Spain). We get along really well – he is a little serious but fun too, and he as lots of energy to work which is awesome.

The Zone is really good. President is really happy with the progress that we’re making – so if President’s happy, everyone’s happy haha :) There were some changes in the zone but some really great missionaries came. It’s funny because I’m pretty much the craziest missionary here in the zone. I've learned that to have success, you have to have fun too. Obviously there are lots of times where we need to be pretty serious, but I think the missionaries enjoy the energy and excitement! I always feel like a football coach with them haha. One of my favorite things to do is yell "Who guides this mission?!" and the answer is "The God of Israel!!!" it's pretty sick haha

This week elder Alfaro and I bought a pizza with straight coins haha. We'd both been saving all our little coins haha. We bought a pizza that costed 10mil (20bucks) expensive - I know. With coins that are 1 and 5 cents hahaha. It tasted really good haha.

This week was pretty good with teaching as well! Elder Alfaro and I teach really well together. He's pretty young but he teaches powerfully through the Spirit! So I really enjoy teaching with him!

Thanksgiving will be pretty normal here. There's a member that lives in Santa Cruz (an area in the zone) that's good friends with me. And he loves US culture so he invited us to go eat some turkey in his house - hopefully those plans come through... If not, I'll eat a giant banquet of everything that we have in the house haha! Btw turkeys are chompipi's here :)

This week we came to a party of a little girl that's investigating the church, so we had some fun with pictures there haha :)

I have a new-found love for Fruitloops, so I've been eating boat-loads of the stuff. Still the same with smoothies and yogurt with oatmeal. Skinny Elder Stott here we come! haha

Well, things are a-okay here in San Roque. Loving my time even though it's passing by super fast! Gotta enjoy every moment!

Thank you all for the love and support!
Vivo y dinamico!
- ELder Stott

Old pics of me and Chino being silly at a party


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  1. Those ties at the end--haha! So exciting to see his itinerary came!