Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 90 - Mala Crianza - The Snotty Brat

Hey fam!

How y'all doing? Hope everyone is doing great above or below me!
Things this week went really well! Lots of pictures this week!
First off, we had a baptism! It was Naomi, the little blonde freckled girl - she's 10 years old and she's really cute! Her baptism went well (so we were told - I'll explain later) but we were there for her confirmation. Actually we were really lucky because their car broke down on the way but we had a member who drives a bus go grab them so they were able to come :) She was super happy. We always chat about Tangled and how funny the Chameleon dude is, and of course Frozen. Can't miss that one.

So we found out that a lady that we're teaching is a chef. But not just an ordinary chef - she cooks the famous burger here in Liberia that's called the "Mala Crianza" or "the snotty kid/brat". Basically it's a beast of a burger with 4 buns and 4 patties. So, of course, she cooked it in her house especially for us - that's her in the middle. She's a really great lady :) The burger pretty much destroyed my stomach but it was good stuff haha.

So we got invited to a giant conference for the whole mission. There were Zone Leaders, Bishops, Stake Presidents, and an area Seventy, and of course Pte. Laboriel. The meeting was so cool and I got to talk to old Bishops and Stake Presidents that are really good friends. Heading back home we stopped at the business of the Stake President who lives really well. He gives suits to the leaders and he gave us brand new suits as well!! - I got a crisp new black suit :) :) :) :) But I'm going to wait until later to use it. The best part is that it's his own brand (It's "David J. Patey - Luxury Suits") GOOD STUFF.
Also, when I was in the bathroom this morning at 5am, a GIANT FREAKING BUTTERLY flew out of nowhere and smacked me in the face. I ran screaming out of the bathroom. That creature was the size of both my hands together - scary stuff. And it was black so of course it was worse.
Today, I promise to take pictures of sushi so yall can see how fancy I am.
Hope all you guys have a great day and that you remember how big of difference you can make in the world. Christ should always be at the center of everything in our lives. Faith in Jesus Christ prepares you for whatever life brings :)
Pura Vida! Keep the faith

- Elder Stott

Guess who we saw in Liberia?! The Rodriguez's!! I have missed them. Santiago is an awesome kid and I sure miss her cooking!  

And here's some pictures from our house and work space.

And a picture that an investigator took of me. haha Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 89 - The Cats Came Back

Well hey fam bam!

What’s good!? Haha I hope all is great up in the States!

Well this week was pretty good! Nothing to complain about!

Haha well something that I bet none of you has ever done! I swept ants out of our freezer! Yup. (Good stuff, I know) So here in CR there are ants everywhere always. If you leave food out, they'll find it. Well, when they find food the swarm everywhere and actually they're kinda scary because they bite really hard. But if you spray them, they run around and get poison everywhere in our kitchen. So, I found out that if you put them in the freezer, they all die, and none escape! Now you know! And after, you just sweep em out! Done deal.

As far as teaching, this week was great. We actually had Week of Milagros so we were able to teach lots of people this week. Actually, an hermano from church that's been inactive for years came who lives far away en la Cruz! Well, he has a little girl (Naomi) who's 10 and who want's to be baptized so, we're going to have a baptism this week! Hallelujah! She's really cool - I'll make sure to take pictures when we go to their house tomorrow. They live like an hour and a half in bus where it's super green and cool and everything - I'll try to take pictures there too!

Also, our feline friends came back and this time there was 4. But we finally got them to leave haha.

As for food, I'm still into smoothies. My favorite is OJ, banana, spinach, pineapple and chia seeds. It's my breakfast now! Good stuff!

Things are good here! I'm loving the mission with its good days, not so good days and everything in between! It's really a blessing to be out here! I know that the Lord blesses us immediately if we are obedient and resist temptation! I like this part from Elder Holland's 1999 talk: “Don’t give up, boy. Don’t you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead—a lot of it—30 years of it now, and still counting. You keep your chin up. It will be all right in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come.”

There are many good things to come! Love all you guys so much!
Keep the faith! The church is true!
Pura vida!

- Elder Stott
The Calderon's son, wearing my name plaque

Chino y Nacho

Chino drew this - of me in Guanacaste

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 88 - Sunsets and Smoothies

Hey guys!
Hope all is well state-side and around the world!
Things have been pretty great down here in beautiful Costa Rica! Lot's of pretty sunsets here! I usually don't take too many pictures outside because honestly, my area is not very pretty - but, I do what I can!

This week went pretty well! I had divisions here in my area with a new elder who's having some problems with missing home and the language. It's pretty tough being a new missionary and especially leaving straight-out of Highschool! Going from living at home to living alone in the mission is a HUGE difference, but it can definitely be done! He's a really really good guy and I actually had lots of fun with him! Lots of advice and encouragement - that's what I love about having the opportunity to serve as a leader. It's an opportunity to serve and lift others rather than exercize power or to lift myself up. I learn so much - I love it!
The cats came back but this time, there's 3! The mom always comes to feed them and then leaves so we're like baby-sitters. It's been a long time since I've babysat and the worst part is I'm not even paid!
Well, for part of the work, things have been pretty good as far as investigators. We've been finding and meeting lots of new people to teach, including a family of 9 that like to listen and learn - I'm hoping that there's progress there! We've had to leave other investigators for a while but it's to find others who are willing to make changes in their lives and progress! My saying as a ZL and missionary is that "It's all a process!" haha but sometimes it's frustrating because the process can be really slow. Just really have to have a lot of faith!
Elder Stott is now a smoothie-making machine! My favorite is spinach, banana, orange and chia smoothie! It's really good! Fills ya up and without saying too much, really cleans you out too! haha and as far as cooking, it's a process ;) Hey did you know that loofah's actually grow in Costa Rica??

Today Chino and I are planning on eating some sushi - hopefully we find a place with some good deals - I'll take some pictures there too!
Well, life is good here. Stressfull sometimes but good! The mission has been the hardest thing that I've ever done! Dan Gable (a famous wrestler once said, "Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy." But my version would be, "Once you've served a mission, everything else in life is easy". haha but I really love it here! It's crazy to think that the end is somewhat near but at the same time, I try not to think too much about it! It's going to be hard to leave the people and country that I love so much!
I love this Gospel and I love my Savior!
Thanks everyone for the love and support!
Vivo y dinamico! Keep the faith!

- Elder Stott

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week 87 - Chino y Nacho

Hope everyone had a good week! 
Well my week was pretty interesting:

  1.  So not sure if you guys remember Jóse, the guy who I baptized back in Hatillo last year? Well it was more than a year ago and I haven't been able to get their phone number forever until yesterday I finally got a hold of it! So of course I called him and his wife to see how they were doing and they told me that they got SEALED IN THE TEMPLE LAST SATURDAY! So of course, I started dancing around the apartment :) Converts like that make everything so worth it. I was really really happy!
  1. Yesterday we went to a sweet beach part of our Province (Guanacaste) to check out the situation over there. The Stake President and our Mission President are talking about opening up an area over there so Pres. asked us to check things out to see if it'd be good to have missionaries there! Normally there's a couple of beaches in CR where there’s lots of trouble but Sámara turned out alright! It was actually really cool weather wise and pretty! I think missionaries would do really well out there so we’re hoping that they open up that area!

  1. Sunday in the morning we found baby cats in our house! And the first thing that popped in my head is "oh man, Pres. is going to kill us if we have pets" So of course, the first thing we do is name them and give them milk (their names were Chino y Nacho because my comp's nickname is Chino so I'm Nacho by default haha) but man, these cats were like 2 weeks old and tiny. I'm totally a manly man but these cats were pretty cute haha. The black one is chino and there's a white one named Nacho. So we played with them until the mom came and took away one while we were gone working. But then it came back later and grabbed Chino too :( They grew up so fast! My comp was calling me "Mama Stott" because I was always taking care of them haha

  1. Sunday was a really really good Sacrament meeting! I took some advice that the Prophets gave us in General Conference to take the whole week to prepare to take the sacrament. I felt a lot of love and gratitude in my heart for the sacrifice that my Savior made for me. The best way to explain my feeling that day was that my heart “was full”. I love this Gospel so much. In my mission, my testimony of the Savior has sky-rocketed. I can now honestly say that even more than being some far-off God that died for me, He is my best friend. He knows me and all my struggles and imperfections and He’s so patient with me when I’ve had to make my way back. It’s something that I hold very special and I just wish that the people that we teach could feel that same love. That’s why I’m out here – to help people establish a stronger relationship with our Savior!  
Well all in all, things are really great here. Really loving the mission! It's the best thing there is! Proud to serve in this great work! Hope you're all doing well! Remember to be patient and to love everyone :) Have a great week everyone!

Do good, get better, and be the best :)

Love you guys! 
Al Reino de Dios o nada!

- Elder Stott

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 86 - Have, Share and Live the Truth

Hey everybody! And good morning Vietnam! 

Hope things are sweet up in the states! 
Things are good down in here in good ol steamin hot Costa Rica! 

This week we ate hamburgers for Family Home Evening with the 6 missionaries here in San Roque which was super sick - I'm watching my figure so only ate 3.. haha (hey - they were smallish)

We had a multi-zone conference in Escazu so we traveled to San Jose - I HATE taking a 5ish hour bus ride, it's straight garbage... but enough ranting. The conference went really well! Elder Black and I sang a musical number together, "Rock of Ages"! I'll see if I can have Hna. Laboriel send it straight to mom so you can have it. We did the version that they sang in the Face-to-face with Elder Holland. It turned out so good!

The zone is doing good too. We had 4 confirmations this weekend and we're hoping for some more this coming week! We're working on finding the wheat amidst tares, and wow, is a freakin lot of work! Lots of doors and lots of people but lot's of love as well! I love San Roque :)

Well Elder Black finished his mission this week! Man, I'm going to miss that guy. He's had a huge influence on me here in the mission and I've loved making music with him - there'll be lots to come in Provo too! 

And General Conference, WOW. It was so good! My last one here on my mission! We watched here in the Stake Center in Liberia in Spanish and it was so so good. I really loved that it was more motivating than anything. All the talks were to lift us up and help us strive to do better, no matter what we've done. I loved when President Monson said, "We are blessed to have the truth, We have a mandate to share the truth. Let us live the truth." So true and I've seen that in my life and the lives of others while I've been out here! I know that the Church is lead by inspired men and women who've been called of God. President Monson is the Lord's prophet today and I feel it stronger and stronger every time I hear his voice. His talks are so powerful.

Another of my favorite talks was by Henry B. Eyring in the Priesthood session.

Thank you everyone for your wishes/thoughts/prayers! Keep the faith!

"Those who focus too much on the possibilities of tomorrow, often miss the small beauties of today"
- J. D. Stott :)

Pura vida, the church is true!

- Elder Stott