Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 90 - Mala Crianza - The Snotty Brat

Hey fam!

How y'all doing? Hope everyone is doing great above or below me!
Things this week went really well! Lots of pictures this week!
First off, we had a baptism! It was Naomi, the little blonde freckled girl - she's 10 years old and she's really cute! Her baptism went well (so we were told - I'll explain later) but we were there for her confirmation. Actually we were really lucky because their car broke down on the way but we had a member who drives a bus go grab them so they were able to come :) She was super happy. We always chat about Tangled and how funny the Chameleon dude is, and of course Frozen. Can't miss that one.

So we found out that a lady that we're teaching is a chef. But not just an ordinary chef - she cooks the famous burger here in Liberia that's called the "Mala Crianza" or "the snotty kid/brat". Basically it's a beast of a burger with 4 buns and 4 patties. So, of course, she cooked it in her house especially for us - that's her in the middle. She's a really great lady :) The burger pretty much destroyed my stomach but it was good stuff haha.

So we got invited to a giant conference for the whole mission. There were Zone Leaders, Bishops, Stake Presidents, and an area Seventy, and of course Pte. Laboriel. The meeting was so cool and I got to talk to old Bishops and Stake Presidents that are really good friends. Heading back home we stopped at the business of the Stake President who lives really well. He gives suits to the leaders and he gave us brand new suits as well!! - I got a crisp new black suit :) :) :) :) But I'm going to wait until later to use it. The best part is that it's his own brand (It's "David J. Patey - Luxury Suits") GOOD STUFF.
Also, when I was in the bathroom this morning at 5am, a GIANT FREAKING BUTTERLY flew out of nowhere and smacked me in the face. I ran screaming out of the bathroom. That creature was the size of both my hands together - scary stuff. And it was black so of course it was worse.
Today, I promise to take pictures of sushi so yall can see how fancy I am.
Hope all you guys have a great day and that you remember how big of difference you can make in the world. Christ should always be at the center of everything in our lives. Faith in Jesus Christ prepares you for whatever life brings :)
Pura Vida! Keep the faith

- Elder Stott

Guess who we saw in Liberia?! The Rodriguez's!! I have missed them. Santiago is an awesome kid and I sure miss her cooking!  

And here's some pictures from our house and work space.

And a picture that an investigator took of me. haha Happy Halloween!

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