Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 86 - Have, Share and Live the Truth

Hey everybody! And good morning Vietnam! 

Hope things are sweet up in the states! 
Things are good down in here in good ol steamin hot Costa Rica! 

This week we ate hamburgers for Family Home Evening with the 6 missionaries here in San Roque which was super sick - I'm watching my figure so only ate 3.. haha (hey - they were smallish)

We had a multi-zone conference in Escazu so we traveled to San Jose - I HATE taking a 5ish hour bus ride, it's straight garbage... but enough ranting. The conference went really well! Elder Black and I sang a musical number together, "Rock of Ages"! I'll see if I can have Hna. Laboriel send it straight to mom so you can have it. We did the version that they sang in the Face-to-face with Elder Holland. It turned out so good!

The zone is doing good too. We had 4 confirmations this weekend and we're hoping for some more this coming week! We're working on finding the wheat amidst tares, and wow, is a freakin lot of work! Lots of doors and lots of people but lot's of love as well! I love San Roque :)

Well Elder Black finished his mission this week! Man, I'm going to miss that guy. He's had a huge influence on me here in the mission and I've loved making music with him - there'll be lots to come in Provo too! 

And General Conference, WOW. It was so good! My last one here on my mission! We watched here in the Stake Center in Liberia in Spanish and it was so so good. I really loved that it was more motivating than anything. All the talks were to lift us up and help us strive to do better, no matter what we've done. I loved when President Monson said, "We are blessed to have the truth, We have a mandate to share the truth. Let us live the truth." So true and I've seen that in my life and the lives of others while I've been out here! I know that the Church is lead by inspired men and women who've been called of God. President Monson is the Lord's prophet today and I feel it stronger and stronger every time I hear his voice. His talks are so powerful.

Another of my favorite talks was by Henry B. Eyring in the Priesthood session.

Thank you everyone for your wishes/thoughts/prayers! Keep the faith!

"Those who focus too much on the possibilities of tomorrow, often miss the small beauties of today"
- J. D. Stott :)

Pura vida, the church is true!

- Elder Stott 

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