Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 85 - TMI in San Roque

Well hey everyone!
Hope all is going well up in the States or whereever you are around the world!
Things are going pretty good here in San Roque - SO much work to do for October that's coming up here soon. Man, next week I'll hit 20 months in the mission, where did all the time go??? So crazy...
Well as far as this week, I was all over the place. On Thursday I went on divisions with Elder Fuentes here in San Roque which was pretty cool - he's one of my favorite comps that I've had. Well we had to go pick him up and drop him off in Santa Cruz like 90 minutes away: And a worker that I know well from being in the office was dropping off house supplies and he was headed back to San Roque. So we hopped in the back of his truck (it's closed haha) and went back to San Roque. Needless to say, it was so freakin hot in that truck... and even worse when Fuentes passed gas.. oh man. But divisions went really well.
Friday, Elder Lopez was pretty sick with Double Dragon (throwing up and diahrea) - not fun, let me tell you!! Been there, done that! So we had some time in the house so he could rest. So I cleaned, worked out, wrote in my journal and everything!
Saturday, we helped out with the wedding-baptism that the sisters had in our ward!
And yesterday, I ate chicken wings baby!!! Whoooo! They were huge and I ate 6, so I have to do a lot of excersize this week!
Well, and for the sad part, the baptism that we had planned fell through :/ The older brother pretty much ruined it for his little brother who was super excited and everything! Well, kinda sucky but it actually happens a lot in the mission. You just kinda have to say dangit and move on!
This week should be good! Today I only get to write - I don't have P-day because my P-day I'll be in the US embassy getting my second cedula (dang, I'm old) and this weekend we'll have a multi-zone conference and even better, we have GENERAL CONFERENCE! So excited for that, I invite everyone to check it out Saturday and Sunday!
Well thanks everyone for all the prayers and everything! Love everyone lots! Keep the faith!
God speed and PURA VIDA! haha

- Elder Stott 

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