Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 82 - Looking Pretty Dang Good

Hey family and friends!

Hope all is well back state-side and that everyone is enjoying their Labor-Day weekend. Haha a gringo that came a visited the ward reminded me that a holiday like that exists back in the states (I completely forgot).

But yeah things have been pretty good here in good old San Roque. There’s this family here that loves the 4 elder missionaries – la familia Calderon. Brother Calderon is the High Council member in charge of Missionary Work in the stake and he lives in our ward. They always invite us over to eat on Sundays now and his mom-in-law cooks so well and without a trace of rice OR beans, now that BIG.  Haha but it’s cool because Elder Lopez and I are really focused on getting to know all the members now and they really like it. (and so do we because that usually means food and references, every missionaries favorite combo). So things have been good in our ward. Our bishop is well… interesting. We’re trying to help him help us more haha because there’s very little support there but it’s a work in progress!

This week was really chuck full with just about everything you can think about. Surprise house-check visits to missionaries in our zone, leadership council in San Jose,  seeing good friend that live in San Jose,  and lots of other stuff.
I did get a new suit and it looks pretty dang good if I may say so. Actually Presidente gave me like 5 comments at the leadership meeting and all of them were in front of everyone. You can say that it was a pretty good investment. It’s a dark navy suit so it’s a little different than your average black but it’s very professional. 

Teaching in our area has been pretty good too! We’re working with some families that are actually progressing pretty fast. One girl that we’re teaching read the whole pamphlet and answered some of the questions in the back (hardly anyone does that… so it’s sick!) We’re still working to find THE family. They’re out there somewhere, but we just have to keep looking and working hard.

Zone Conference is this week so we’ll get to share all the advice that President gave the AP’s and us ZL’s with the zone! I actually really like Zone Conferences because I feel like I always get to learn a lot from our missionaries!

I’m really loving the opportunity that I have to serve with Elder Lopez. He’s so freaking funny… I don’t think that I’ve laughed so much in all my mission haha.  He’s great for the zone because he brings in that light goofy side to the zone (and if you’re thinking that I’m goofy, you better meet E. Lopez haha)

Oh and I hit 19 months yesterday! So crazy how fast the time passes by! I’m loving it and sometimes, feel like the time passes a little too fast! Well, something to leave you guys all with. This week I was studying a lot about obedience. Elder Holland has a talk that just blows me away everytime I listen to it. Please listen to it...Here’s the link:  It’s such a good talk! 

I also read a quote that I LOVE from Elder Uchtdorf: “Many of the deepest regrets of tomorrow can be prevented by following the Savior today”. I’ll leave those two things with you guys! I love my mission and I love my savior!

But yup, that’s the low-down on things tico-side!  
Thank you for all the support and for the prayers as always!
The church is true – pura vida!

- Elder Stott

Here's a really short video that Elder Vorwaller and I made last month...It's a little artsy. I Hope They Call Me On a Mission. haha

Found this little guy trying to steal my name tag

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