Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 81 - Pretty Good and Normal

Hey guys!

Well this week was pretty crazy....
We had a baptism which was awesome! Her name is Valeria! She's been having some struggles in her life but the Gospel has helped her a lot! A lot happened this last week and the baptism almost fell through... Lots of stuff happened but it all worked out!
We're going to San Jose on Thursday so I'm pretty stoked for that!
Our investigators are good. Right now we're working with a family. The parents have to get married but they're a family of 4! I think the kids are going to get baptized first but we'll see. We actually had 6 investigators in church which was pretty awesome! I was stoked every time one more walked in! I love teaching this gospel!
The zone is getting a little better. Elder Fuentes is in my zone so I'm excited for that - he works really hard and he's with Elder Contreras... Yup, both were my companions. And we have 4 ex-secretaries: Me, Elder Lopez, Elder Contreras, and Elder Acuña! And Elder Acuña was a ZL before so he's really good too!

Well, not much else to write about this week. It was pretty good and normal haha!
I'll make sure to do some crazy stuff (but safe and following the rules) to take some pictures and talk about!
Love you guys all so much! Remember that sometimes courage is the soft voice at the end of the day that say's "I'll try again tomorrow"! Keep working hard and making a difference in other people's lives!
Keep the faith!
Pura Vida & the church is true!

- Elder Stott
Our Mission Motto - "The Kingdom of God or Nothing"

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