Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 79 - Mariachi Men and Baby Ducks

Hey fam bam! 

I hope you guys are all freakin fantastic! 

A special Tico Mother's Day to all those mamas out there! We spent it singing with mariachi bands! (yup I know how to sing a couple songs now haha) and I even took some pictures! 

WE HAD A BAPTISM! It's this young man who's name is Stiven! Yup, it's spelt like that haha. But yeah, he's really tall and pretty funny. He calls Elder Vorwaller "Mr. Bean" HAHAHA and my nickname is "leche" haha. So we've decided to call him "palo" or stick hahaha. But yeah it was really cool to be able to baptize him :) I love this gospel!

Mr. Bean, Palo (Stick) and Leche
Our cook hatched some baby ducks so we got some pictures with them too :)

The zone is doing pretty good. Presidente came out to give us some advice and to meet with the Stake Presidency here in Guanacaste. (There's two pairs of zone leaders for the whole province and it's HUGE!) It was cool because everyone is like a big business or community leader so I kinda felt like I was in a CEO meeting. Cool stuff. 

We bought take-out pizza and had it sent to our house so that was pretty cool too - got some pictures there :) 

Well, this week is miracle week so we're hoping for some more super sick stuff here soon! 

Thank you so much for all the support! 
Love you guys all so much!
Pura Vida!

- Elder Stott 

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