Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 77 - Finally an Elder

Hey family and friends! Hope as always that things are sick up in the states! 

So I'll hit 18 MONTHS this week as a missionary which means I'll finally cross-over and become an Elder (because the Sisters serve for 18 months) so I've just now completed my Sister missionary mission haha.

This week was really great! Presidente came up to do some interviews with our Zone. On Friday we traveled to our other district and we also had our interviews there, and then after, our district had them too. I got so much advice from President Laboriel in both the mish and after. He says that if I keep the principles that I have now and keep improving them, that I'll be successful in my life both temporally and spiritually (which is SICK, because he is SO successful in life) so I was excited. Some areas in the zone had really really dirty houses so we're fixing that this week. On a small note for mom - our house got 5 stars so we were really good. I've learned to fold my clothes. haha 

WE HAD A BAPTISM BABY! So Didier the fire-dancer got baptized which was a really cool experience. Elder V baptized him and I confirmed him so I really enjoyed that :) He'll be a leader in the church someday - he's really talented.

Speaking of talents, we're going to help him in our stake talent show. He's gonna do a fire dance and we're going to dance a little with him. We'll make sure to get a video :)

Well not much else to write about. Next week we'll have a new house so that'll be sweet! 

Thank you everyone for your love and support! It all goes a long way.

I listened to a couple different talks this week and I really liked something that I heard. It talked about how we have to have our goals always in mind and that we have to run for them. If we don't, we won't progress. It's exactly the same in the gospel! We've gotta want to succeed BAD. And we have to be willing to make sacrifices because sacrifices bring forth the blessings of heaven. The motto of our mission is Faith in Every Footstep! I love this mission, I love the gospel and I love my Savior.

Love all you guys!
Pura Vida,

Elder Stott 

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