Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 76 - Fire-Blowing and the Lost and Found

Hey guys! 

Hope everyone had a super sweet week! Mine was super hot with lots of dust and lots of interesting people and fun stories haha. I still do kinda stink at taking pictures of it all but I legit promise to be better at it this week.

Well, this week was miracle week and it went pretty well. It's always for some reason the hottest week of the month so I got the top of my head burnt pretty good but NO PAIN NO GAIN BABYYYYY! Haha and interesting side note - the missionary dress guidelines might change here soon and we might be able to wear sunglasses and hats in hot areas (we're in the hottest zone of Costa Rica so it's pretty likely that we'll get to wear them) 

A miracle (although small) happened to me this week. So in the MTC, I bought a little Spanish hymn book and I've had it with me my whole mission. It even has little Oregon Duck Mascots that I drew so yeah I know, it's pretty sick. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I left it in a taxi which means I'd never see it again. And I was pretty bummed out. But this week, we were walking in the street when a guy called us over. He held up a little hymn book and asked if we knew Elder Stott. SICK. He found it in the street in front of the church and somehow we happened to pass in front of his house. MIRACLE WEEK BABY! 

This week for funny stories. So we found out that one of our investigators can dance with fire. I was blown away because he's as good as those Hawaiian guys in luaus (I think it's spelt like that haha). He spit fire after and then he told me to come walk out by him then told me to try spitting fire. So knowing me, I was totally down. I blew a cool fireball and felt like I was a dragon haha. We're going to take some cool pictures and videos this week for you guys, it'll be sick :) I'll be teaching him guitar here soon too so that'll be cool. He's a really cool guy (his name is Didier) and he's 18. Actually, he's going to be baptized this week on Saturday so I'm super stoked for that! Another baptism baby! 

Also, we played more with the chickens this week - but this time we didn't kill them haha. For some reason, Elder Vorwaller knew how to hypnotize chickens (he looked it up on YouTube one time - I decided not to ask haha) and it totally works! You put them on their backs and they freak out until you draw a line in the dirt with a stick by their heads. They like fall asleep until you kick them again. It was pretty dang funny! Also played with a cool cat.

Things in our area and zone are pretty good. Our zone is kind of struggling (and I just got here) so we've been working with that. We're going to have a zone conference to talk about that. 

I'll have more about the investigators in our area here next week. We've left some and are finding a lot more! We found a lady who came with us to church too so that was really cool! There are lots of people here who are willing to listen but it's hard to get them to change or come to church. But yes, things are good :) More info coming soon :) 

Love all you guys so much. Enjoy your summer and go out and serve someone. The best currency we have in our lives is the impact we have on others. A life lived not serving others is a life hardly worth living.

The church is true! Pura Vida!

- Elder Stott

Trying to do a smolder with grandpa glasses - haha

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