Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 75 - CYOD *Graphic Content

CYOD - Catch Your Own Dinner
**Disclaimer - graphic content ;)

I hope everyone is loving their summer so far! Now I'm in a hot zone (90+ degrees almost everyday) so I feel like I'm in summer with you guys (even though it's technically cold and winter here haha weird)

Man, I got here and I fell in love with Guanacaste again. It's totally different than San Jose and Heredia but I love it. It's 5 hours (in bus) northwest of where I just was. It's different in that its SUPER HOT and people don't wear very much clothes here, dang it. It's also a lot harder to find stuff that you can find easily in other parts of Costa Rica.
I love being Zone Leader here with Elder Vorwaller. It's funny because we're so completely different but we spend all day laughing and working hard. You literally sweat all day here in Guanacaste but after a couple of days I got used to it again. We brought 26 investigators to church as zone which is really good compared to the past average of 10-13! We're super stoked to be here and to work with our missionaries! Sunday church is awesome because it's at 11:00 here, so we can pass by investigator's houses to invite them to come to church. It's a super sick ward!!  Lots of gringos come to church here while they're on vacations which is nice because I get some time with my culture and language - it's a really weird feeling because you miss home but at the same time, you remember how cool Costa Rica is haha :)
Just a little run-down of what ZL's do, so we're responsible for our whole zone (20 missionaries). Also in charge of the 2 District Leaders and we have to give lots of follow-up with them. We help lead the whole zone and have meetings with the Stake Presidency and President Laboriel every month here in Guanacaste. Sometimes we travel to San Jose for meetings. It's a lot of responsibility but I love it because I get to help other missionaries out. It's a little stressful but fun because ZL's can make a huge impression on missionaries. I hope that my impression is one that's firm with obedience, hard-working but fun and chill at the same time. So far, so good. 
Also, there's two zones in our stake (Estaca Liberia) and Elder Navas and Elder Escobar are the other ZL's here so we always see each other! Elder Navas started the mission with me in Alajuelita.

Me with  Elder Escobar and Elder Navas at the internet cafe

Guess What?? I killed a chicken this week and we ate it yesterday! It was at our cocinera's house - it's pretty cool because her house has an outdoor kitchen, but like rustic, and she cooks with fire. It's really yummy. So, I had to grab the chicken, tie it up by its feet and slice the throat to drain the blood. I was wearing a plastic bag because after you kill the chicken, it flaps around and blood flies around everywhere. Talk about the Guanacaste experience! That family is so cool and the little kids love me so I'm sure I'll be sending lots of pics in the next few weeks from there!

What's for dinner??

I bought a little toy top that you throw with a string because all the kids play with it in the street. So I've become famous here with the little kids here :)
One thing I've really learned on my mission. I've realized that prayer is one of the most powerful things we have in our lives. It changes lives and is a way we can show our faith to our Heavenly Father. Bad things happen when we stop praying so make sure we pray everyday! The Lord truly listens to our prayers and answers them. It's always in His time and in His way but He ALWAYS answers. He heals broken hearts and lifts heads that hang low. I love the concept of prayer and invite everyone to work on making our prayers more personal rather than scripted and repetitive. We just need to talk to Him like we talk to our parents. I love this Gospel and everything it offers in our lives. I've seen the blessings in my life and I love having the opportunity to share it with other people!
Well, hope you guys are all doing well!
I miss you guys tons! But just know that I'm loving it here. It's hard but I'm happy! Pretty tired BUT HAPPY. :) The church is true y pura vida!

- Elder Stott 

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