Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 74 - Hello Elder Vorwaller, Hello Guanacaste - Part II

Hey everyone! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their Summer! Sometimes in life changes have to happen, including in the mission! And that's exactly what happened to me! 

I got a call yesterday from the AP's - it's usually really good or really bad when they call... So I was nervous haha. They told me that I had changes and that I'd head back to Guanacaste... oh great haha and then the real kicker is who they told me would be my companion: ELDER VORWALLER! I thought they were joking and asked him, "No, really, who is going to be my comp?" and they told me it was him. THEN, I remembered that he is a Zone Leader... and my jaw dropped. They told me that tomorrow (today), I'd head to Guanacaste. They said it's been a zone that's struggled for a long time in the mission so we need to pick it up and Presidente said he trusts Elder Vorwaller and me to do the job. I'm going to try my best! 

By the way, I'll be writing earlier in the mornings now because I have to report numbers, so like 9-10ish.

But really the chances of having a companion 2x is really really rare so this is pretty cool! 

Well I'm in San Jose right now, but later I'll head to Guanacaste. My area is called San Roque and it's super hot so... Skinny Elder Stott time! But I'm excited, it'll be good stuff. Elder Vorwaller was so excited that I was coming because his last companion was a pill, the dynamic duo is back!

Special shout-out to my cousin Wyatt who just finished his mission in South Korea and my best man Trevor, for doing work in Bolivia - love you guys a ton!

I've learned something really special to me throughout my mission. Some people think that if you live the gospel, you have to be a completely different person which is COMPLETELY UNTRUE. You can live the gospel and be you at the same time. The gospel is something that is lived everyday. I think the best way I could define the gospel of Jesus Christ (In my own words) is "creating a better tomorrow, starting with today". The Gospel gives us innumerable chances to try again, and I know and testify that every time that we are willing to try again, the Lord is willing to give us that chance. A quote that I love by Elder Uchtdorf says, "Many of the deepest regrets of tomorrow can be prevented by following the Savior today."

To be honest, things are really hard in life. People come and go, things change, we fail, a lot of things happen that we don't expect or we feel we can't handle. But one thing that I am absolutely positive and I testify as a representative of Jesus is - no matter how far we've strayed from where we're going, the gospel always lights the path of return. I know from personal experience that this is SO true. I love this gospel with everything that I have!

Thank you guys for all the support and love - keep that coming baby!

Love you guys!
Pura Vida & the church is true

- Elder Stott

LOTS of pictures this week - I promise
An apron mom had made for my Abuela - I'm going to miss her!

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