Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 84 - Time to Get Cooking

Hey guys! I hope (as always) that everything is going good up in the states or wherever you are!
Things are going pretty good here in beautiful Guanacaste Costa Rica!
This week was Semana de Milagros in the mission and we had the opportunity to go work out in the parks and out in super public places talking to lots of people. We weren't allowed to leave during Independance day until 3 in the afternoon so we studied a ton, cleaned, and watched God's Army 1 & 2.. both are really good movies that I recommend! Most people leave and go to the beach anyways, so NOBODY is home.
But yeah, my favorite part of the week was talking to people in the street about the Book of Mormon. People usually have NO CLUE what it is so they're almost always interested. Now in the mission, we have the rule that we always have to walk around with the BofM in hand and try to talk to everyone about it! People usually are really open and willing to talk about God or religion. Especially the drunks... I had to run over and help a sister missionary who was being bugged by some drunk dude. He yelled lots and wanted to fight but I was a lot bigger than him so he backed down.. Nobody disrespects my sister missionaries! haha
Looking professional in my new Navy suit

Well Sunday (yesterday) was really tough.. In the morning, we had 2 baptisms planned as well as one in another area of the ward. Well none of those 3 baptisms showed up. We called and called and nothing... Later in Sacrament meeting, only 48 people came..... that's like the amount of people that come to a branch here.. really sad.. and to top it off, none of our investigators came even though tons said they were going to be able to make it. Talk about rough day! But that's all part of the mission grind because you can't win em all! But yeah, hopefully all goes well for this next weekend! Keep those prayers coming! We need them.
Things have been good with me and my comp. Right now, we're just really focused on making sure that the zone is excited and that the missionaries are working hard! A lot of the missionaries are really content so we're happy! I've been kinda sick for the passed couple of days... having a cold in the mish sucks.. but there's another grind time for you!
Hey, I'm really sick of rice and beans. Everybody send me some easy recipes! I'm gonna cook real food. Yup, it's THAT BAD.
The mission sure is a lot of work but I'm loving it! It's a lot of ups and downs and good days mixed with lots of bad days.. but it's always worth it. Sometimes you just gotta look ahead and keep going. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is here to help us do just that: pick ourselves up and keep going. We can avoid many of the would-be regrets of tomorrow by following the Savior today. I know that's true!
Love all of you guys so much!
The church is true!
Pura Vida!

Elder Stott 

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