Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week 87 - Chino y Nacho

Hope everyone had a good week! 
Well my week was pretty interesting:

  1.  So not sure if you guys remember Jóse, the guy who I baptized back in Hatillo last year? Well it was more than a year ago and I haven't been able to get their phone number forever until yesterday I finally got a hold of it! So of course I called him and his wife to see how they were doing and they told me that they got SEALED IN THE TEMPLE LAST SATURDAY! So of course, I started dancing around the apartment :) Converts like that make everything so worth it. I was really really happy!
  1. Yesterday we went to a sweet beach part of our Province (Guanacaste) to check out the situation over there. The Stake President and our Mission President are talking about opening up an area over there so Pres. asked us to check things out to see if it'd be good to have missionaries there! Normally there's a couple of beaches in CR where there’s lots of trouble but Sámara turned out alright! It was actually really cool weather wise and pretty! I think missionaries would do really well out there so we’re hoping that they open up that area!

  1. Sunday in the morning we found baby cats in our house! And the first thing that popped in my head is "oh man, Pres. is going to kill us if we have pets" So of course, the first thing we do is name them and give them milk (their names were Chino y Nacho because my comp's nickname is Chino so I'm Nacho by default haha) but man, these cats were like 2 weeks old and tiny. I'm totally a manly man but these cats were pretty cute haha. The black one is chino and there's a white one named Nacho. So we played with them until the mom came and took away one while we were gone working. But then it came back later and grabbed Chino too :( They grew up so fast! My comp was calling me "Mama Stott" because I was always taking care of them haha

  1. Sunday was a really really good Sacrament meeting! I took some advice that the Prophets gave us in General Conference to take the whole week to prepare to take the sacrament. I felt a lot of love and gratitude in my heart for the sacrifice that my Savior made for me. The best way to explain my feeling that day was that my heart “was full”. I love this Gospel so much. In my mission, my testimony of the Savior has sky-rocketed. I can now honestly say that even more than being some far-off God that died for me, He is my best friend. He knows me and all my struggles and imperfections and He’s so patient with me when I’ve had to make my way back. It’s something that I hold very special and I just wish that the people that we teach could feel that same love. That’s why I’m out here – to help people establish a stronger relationship with our Savior!  
Well all in all, things are really great here. Really loving the mission! It's the best thing there is! Proud to serve in this great work! Hope you're all doing well! Remember to be patient and to love everyone :) Have a great week everyone!

Do good, get better, and be the best :)

Love you guys! 
Al Reino de Dios o nada!

- Elder Stott

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