Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 95 - Here I Am, Rock You Like a Hurricane!

Hello familia!

Well this week was crazy that’s for sure haha!

So to start it off, I got my itinerary last week which is nuts… It’s hard to believe that my mission is coming to end here soon :( But the good thing is that I still have a lot of work to do.

Second, this last week was Week of Miracles baby! We had a ton of good plans going and actually Tuesday was a really successful day as a zone. Basically we went out and talked to tons of people in the central park here in Liberia. I played some soccer with some kids and they all said they’d come to church – I actually think they came but to a different ward haha. I beat a guy in a pushup contest too (168 but who’s counting), and the prize was that he’d come to church but the dude didn’t come…but good excuse for exercise! The rest of the week went really interesting thanks to my good friend Otto…

Yep, that was us north-west of San Jose - right under the angry red spot.

So we actually were warned by a couple of members on Monday about a hurricane that could move in. And on Wednesday the Assistants told us to help our zone out getting canned foods and water ready and to be on the alert. The days before, the weather was super cool and a little bit of wind. Actually it was really calm too, but an eerie calm.. A lot of shops were closed but we just kept working. Thursday (Happy Late Thanksgiving) we all had to go to our houses at 4:30 pm because the hurricane/storm was starting to hit Liberia. While heading back to the house, man, the sky got super, super weird. First the sky turned black and super dark, and then after, it got super red and all the birds started flying away from where the storm was coming from. And that’s when we realized it was going to be real and get bad soon so we headed to the house even quicker. haha In the house we just planned and I cleaned while my comp called some areas to see how they were doing. We actually tried to order Pizza too, but they were closed. haha  At 9pm, the lights went out.. There was a TON of rain and a TON of wind too so it was kinda cool but super scary at the same time. I took a picture outside in the middle of Otto to remember and a selfie with my comp. I took numbers from the zone by light from candles – I kind of felt like Joseph Smith, doing my missionary work by candlelight haha. And after calling all the zones and talking to the AP’s and President, we finally just went to bed.

See how red the sky is?  Weird.
The next morning, it was really cold (a miracle – there’s the miracle in miracle week for you) and everything was gray. We left and worked like normal but it was weird because NOBODY was outside! I’m super thankful that our house wasn’t damaged all that much and that we are all safe! To celebrate the safety of our District and Thanksgiving, we invited the District to my home-boy Papa John’s! The last time I ate PJ’s was with my trainer in Alajuelita.. Crazy haha. But really, any holiday feels really weird here haha - basically doesn't feel like anything. 

On Saturday, we helped the Sisters with their baptism and I baptized her! I love baptismal services – and getting to baptize is always really special too.

Other than that, this week was pretty normal… Kidding haha. Not really, but I’m really thankful for the people we were able to teach and serve this week and also for the safety we had during the storm.

It reminds me of the story when the Apostles are hit by a storm in their fishing boat and they woke Christ fearing that they were going to die. And like we all know, Christ calmed everything. He also promises us peace and calm in our lives in whatever storm that comes if we search Him out. That’s why as missionaries, we go out looking for people who need more of our Savior’s love in their lives. I love seeing the light shine in people’s eyes who finally receive the pure and restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It honestly makes everything worth it here. I love my mission, I love this Gospel and I love my Savior!

Totally safe and loving what I'm doing!!

Keep it 100!
Vivo y dinamico,

- Elder Stott  

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