Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 96 - 22 Month Missionary!!

Hey guys! Hope everyone's having a great first week of Christmas! 

I really love this time of year. It gives us lots of time to reflect the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Really, we should remember him all year long but this time of year is extra special. In the mission, we're focused on what we're going to give to Him this year. We're fighting for 100 confirmations this month (we've done it 1 time since the mission split) so we're fighting hard here in San Roque.

But back to the topic of Christmas, I learned yesterday watching the Christmas devotional that we need to focus on the gift that we have as members of Christ's church... the gift of the Holy Ghost. And use His influence the best we can! If you guys didn't get a chance to see the devotional, I totally recommend it!

Well this week we went to San Jose for a Leadership Council which was pretty cool! I always learn new things there which is good stuff haha. 
Our bus rides (the 2 of them) both took 6 hours for all the traffic, but it all turned out alright because I ate Subway after haha.

Guess who cooked for us?!  Adriana!!
We helped a lady who's less active move a giant dresser thing. It weighed about as much as the entertainment center in the living room and we had to move it a block... I was sweating like crazy! Lot's of exercise there! 

With animals, I'm always smacking giant toads out of our house. Now I know (kinda) how Pharaoh felt when he had the plague of frogs. Those things are nasty and are the size of my two fists together hahaha.

For part of investigators we saw a miracle this week! So remember Leiner and Lesnar (the kids that were really close to being baptized)? Well, their parents want to get married and baptized this month on the 31st! I'M SO STOKED!!! They don't have a ton of money, so Elder Stott is going to become House-seller Stott - selling bread and stuff to help them to raise money for the wedding. I'm not hoping to work in sales after the mission.... haha not very fun. But, right now, totally worth it if the get baptized! So we'll be working really hard with them!

Well, not much else to catch up on.. We threw a big sports activity here in Liberia today and I got FRIED by the sun. But oh well, it was fun and helped unite the zone a little bit mas. 

For me, the mission honestly isn't something that makes you naturally happy although there are lots of happy moments! We just have to learn how to be happy! You have to look for the happy moments and miracles every day! 

Well I love my time that I've had the chance to have here! I love my mission and I love my Savior!

Check out this video! It's one of the best ones I've seen - really will help remind us how to share the Christmas Spirit! 

Love all you guys! Keep at it! 
Arriba, mas arriba! Adelante, mas adelante! 

- Elder Stott 

My home away from home - at the Calderon's

Sister Calderon was wearing Oregon Duck colors!!

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