Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 97 - I Feel Like a Tico

Hey hey!

Hope everyone is keeping warm over there in the states! Here its about 80 degrees and it feels a little chilly here too so it’s beginning to feel a little like Christmas haha!

As far as this passed week, not very much “write-able” things happened this week haha.

We did buy pizza so that was pretty cool haha – but we felt really fat later this week haha.

President came to visit Guanacaste and he actually came to study and work with us. It was really really cool because you could feel the power that he has (he was an area seventy before he was mission president) as he testified of the things we taught. I've learned a lot of awesome things from him - one of my favorite is that we need to be "una cabeza" (a head) and never "una cola" a tail. We're meant to be leaders and to always do everything we can do - I've learned that mediocrity is never an option. Good stuff right? haha.

This week we're gearing up for Miracle Week baby! This week we're going to go to a nursing home to sing Christmas carols and we're also going to go serve hot chocolate to homeless people and share a Christmas message - there's going to be lots of great stuff happening - I'll make sure to send lot of pictures!

Well, today I was reading in Mormon, about the final battles of the Nephites and Lamanites and it actually made me pretty sad. because Mormon was so heart-broken. The Lord gave so many opportunities to repent and change, but the wicked chose to remain wicked. It reminded me that although we are not perfect, we should never ever give up. If we do, it could affect us a lot more than we think. We should always have goals to improve ourselves and to press forward! One thing that I've thought and I really like is that we should have goals and dreams so big, that they scare small minds! I love that! Keep scaring small minds!

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be here in Costa Rica. I love the people and their culture. Sometimes, I forget that I'm not from here because I feel like a Tico. I love this Gospel and the hope that it ALWAYS offers us, we just have to do our part! Keep moving forward with faith in every footstep baby!!!! WHOOO HOOO haha 

Love all you guys,

- Elder Stott!  

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