Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 100 - WEEK 100 BABY!

Hey everybody!
Hope everyone had a sick start to 2017, let's hope all of everyone's goals lasts more than 1 month haha. It was weird making goals for the mission and goals for home life at the same... really crazy stuff actually haha!
So for my area: I love it. I really really miss everyone in Liberia, a lot. But, I do like my new area too. It actually gets pretty cold her at night which is something way new for me... i'm used to sleeping with a fan on every night! There's lots and lots of hills too, so I'm gonna get me some quad and glute excersize in here haha. No but there's a lot - they're kinda sucky hah. The people here are really really friendly or really rude - never in between haha. There's a lot of college-aged kids too so I find that I get along with them really well. A lot of ward members gave me a hard time for ending soon here so it's been pretty funny. The bishop announced that "coffee and milk" would be giving their testimonies (we're two new missionaries here and one is latino, so I bet you can guess who's milk haha) so that was pretty funny too!
Two baptisms in my last area got baptized - I was SO stoked! Man we taught them a ton and finally they got baptized. Kinda stinks that I wasn't there, but it's all good. We all put our shoulder to the wheel in different ways. A lot of elders reap, and others sow. So I guess it was my time to sow :)
Other than that, we're hitting the area hard here in San Ramon. We have a consejo de liderazgo (leadership council) this Friday so we'll be headed to San Jose for a little capacitatión (training)! Woohoo!
Good news: my Christmas package (sent December 1) finally came yay! :) Long-waited!

I'll try to take lots of pictures this next week of everything so everyone can have a look into the daily life of Elder Stott!
Love all you guys!
Pura Vida!

Elder Stott 

Pics from my new place. The mountains surrounding San Ramos and some views from our rooftop: (If you're viewing from a mobile, click on the pic)

One of the mountains surrounding my area

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