Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 102 - A Normal-But-Good Week

Hola todos que tal?

Hey everyone! Hope everyone had an awesome week! Mine was pretty sweet too haha.. actually it went really really fast… It’s crazy how sometimes time goes by really slow or super fast, it’s never in between! 

So this week we just focused on helping out other areas in our zone, so we headed out to other areas and work with them and their investigators. It was pretty cool to meet lots of other people and work along-side our missionaries here in the zone! It is really tiring too because we have to wake up early and travel a lot to get to the other areas.

We also had divisions with the Assistants too! I was with Elder Escobar - he's actually the one who's hanging on my shoulders in a picture from Liberia. It was pretty good - he's a lot different than when he was a Zone Leader with me there in Liberia, but he's still a great guy! 

As far as investigators go, there's this family where the dad isn't a member and he's been coming to church but hasn't been all that interested. Well this Sunday, he told his wife that he'd like to maybe prepare to be baptized so we went over and taught an awesome lesson with him. It went really well - the only doubt that he has is about the music.. haha he comes from an Evangelical church that basically has rock concerts with some christian lyrics, so he's trying to get used to the hymns. But we're working on that! He said he's going to work to be baptized the last week of this month, or the first week of February so we're excited! 

We had a fun little birthday party yesterday where we watched a church movie and there were investigators there which was awesome - so we got to teach a little bit! 

The ward keeps bugging me about how I'm ending soon haha which is annoying sometimes. So I've come to the point where when people ask me how much time I have, I tell them "a little bit more than a year" :) haha

Other than that, in a nut shell, it was a normal-but-good week haha :) I'm still trying to eat healthy (eggs, spinach, chicken breast, smoothies) and all that jazz. But it is really hard to get motivated to exercise too because you don't have a ton of energy haha. But you just grind through that.

The area is hard because there's not much work catching on here, but I'm trying to find the positive. My comp is pretty cool, he's kinda tough to get along with sometimes, nothing that I can't handle. I've just learned how to get along with other people even if they're nothing like me! but I'm happy here- just grinding on!

Well, hope everyone has an awesome week! 
Love everyone!

Pura Vida

Elder Stott

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