Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 68 - Goodbye Elder Vorwaller, Hello Rain

Hey everyone!

Hope all is well up in the states or wherever you are! 

Things are good down here in Costa Rica. I think rainy season is hitting a little bit now. Good thing I got my handy-dandy shoe dryers ;) haha THANKS MOM!

Well, Elder Vorwaller had changes! Sad to see him go. He was put as Zone Leader in San Ramon (really far away) and was happy to go back to Guanacaste again. They sent me an Elder that was in Cañas (my hood). He says they still talk about the blonde who sang and played guitar which is funny haha. His name is Elder Fuentes and he's from Mexico - so thus ends my run with the English comp haha. He likes to exercise and is pretty chill, I think we'll get along really well. I'm the District Leader now here in Santo Domingo (so there went all my free time) hahaha ha ha... nah but I'm excited to help some other missionaries out in Santo Domingo and in San Rafael. Exciting!

I played the piano today for our meeting with the Missionary Department.  I met the guys that film the mormon messages (they filmed today too), a couple of 70's and the director of the Saratov movie.  Really good stuff.  

Nothing else really happened this week though... I did bring around my ukelele and people love that little "guitarita" haha. It works about as well as card tricks to get into houses. I did buy an oil/wax burner which is pretty chill - gotta get me some of the scentsy from the scentsy dealer that's in our ward (every ward has at least one haha)

Just really excited to be working here still! And all the food that we get - hopefully I still don't get fat... we'll see about that.. :)

Hermana Rodriquez's Apple Pie
Well, love you guys! Have a great week everyone! 

The church is true, pura vida and good vibes :)

Elder Stott, over-and-out! 


Elder Carrion (right) and my Grandson :)

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