Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 65 - A Baptism and Skype time

Hey guys!

Well, this week went super super well!

First off, WE BAPTIZED GIOVANNYE! It was so great to be there to share that life-changing moment with him. He asked me to be the one to baptize him so I was super excited for that. The water was super flippin cold but... refreshing... haha. Stay tuned to hear what happens with him because he's going to progress fast in the Gospel :)

SKYPE FOR MAMA'S DAY! Man, that was way to good. Was really really great to see the whole fam together! Things look exactly the same since I left except for a new dog haha. They say I don't look fatter or skinnier so I'll take that as a compliment. I hope all the mothers out there had a really great day, especially the missionary moms. 

This week is Family Week in Costa Rica so we have a bunch of fun activities planned for the week including a family home evening group thing in the church. We're going to show off some magic tricks and do a skit - maybe I'll wear that magic hat that Dillon always wore when he was "Melvin the Magician" hahaha.

Not much else what to say... Still don't like papayas or anything so that's still the same!  haha

Well, thanks for all the support! Love all you guys so much!

Keep up the good work, the church is true, and good vibes!

Pura Vida!

- Elder Stott :)

It was SO great getting to visit with Josh for Mother's Day.  He's still the same funny Josh, but so much better!  ;)   We got to see him twice!  Once while he was at a sweet member-mama's (Adriana Rodriquez) house for dinner and she Face-timed me.  Super fun surprise!!  And later that night on Skype.

 A few random things from our Skype conversation - 1. Josh has a pretty thick Tico accent Mexi-Irish.  Very funny.  We kept making him say the word, "October" George Lopez and Sean Connery mixed together.  2. His grandma-landlady is feeding him VERY well!!  She makes killer steaks and loves to cook for the Elders.  And, although he never thought he would feel this way, he's finally had his fill of gallo pinto, which is served with every meal everywhere he goes.  He's extremely grateful anytime it's served with a hot sauce...anything to give it a little flavor.  3. He continues to be amazed and humbled by the way people live in his area, but also finds it funny that while most live in corrugated, tin shacks, they also have huge flat-screen tv's and new iphones.  4. The missionaries there are really working hard to get their branch made into a ward.  They have 100-110 people  coming regularly, but need 120.  Lots of inactive members that they're hoping to connect with and bring back.  5. Lastly, his new favorite apostle is Neal A. Maxwell.  Elder Stott is digging deep ;)

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