Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 67 - Ash and a Baptism!

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is doing really good!

Things here went really well this week with Semana Sacrificio. We had to walk a ton and pretty much climbed a mountain to get to this place called concepción which was really cool - just a really long walk. Some pretty cool pictures!

So Volcano Turrialba is still going crazy, launching out ash clouds. One explosion reached like 3 or 4 km straight up. We've had to sweep the house a couple of times to get the ash out. It just settles everywhere during the night but it's alright!

We had another baptism which was awesome! She's this girl that's 9 but she acts like she's 12. I swear people grow up faster here... I don't try to guess people's ages anymore, it's way too hard haha. But anyways, it went really really good. Her whole family went as well as her inactive grandpa so we were stoked for that. Her brother/cousin (I forgot) was there and he's super awesome too.

Today we're gonna have a BBQ for Elder Dale because he's leaving next week - so crazy because he was here when I got here and I knew him my first day and he's been my favorite ZL so I'm gonna miss him. Grandpa (Landlord) is gonna be the one to cook and it's a giant flank steak so I'm STOKEDDDD. Sweet.

Well, nothing else really happened this week. I have been playing a little guitar so that's been fun and I'm teaching Elder Vorwaller - he's a good padawan (not sure if spelling is good there haha)

Well, have a really great week everyone!
Love all you guys!

Pura Vida, the church is true :)

Elder Stott :)

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