Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 66 - A Volcano and My Cooking Show

Hey guys!

Hope that everyone is doing super flipping good!

I just ate Taco Bell, and it will be the 3rd and last time I ever eat Taco Bell here. If you think it's really trashy in the states, wait till you try it here. NOT RECOMMENDED. I'll eat it in the states later.

BUT anyways, yeah, life is great here. We're still being spoiled by our grandparents here - plus, Elder Vorwaller made us all his specialty: BLT's. They were pretty dang good.  Here we are eating ribs and mashed potatoes at the Rodriguez's. She is a good cook!  Yum.

Not much else to report here... We are going to have another baptism this week and I call it operation titanic - baptize children and women first. Because she's this little girl who's 9 and lives in a member family but for some reason, they never got to baptizing her so we're being really blessed right now!  Things are going really really well! We're hoping to find lots of new people here who are ready to hear the gospel! But it's hard sometimes.

Ahh, we're going to have a big meeting with the Church's Missionary Department and they're going to come here because we were chosen as an example mission. It's a big deal because it's not just any 70 coming to visit, it's the missionary department, and 70s who are in charge of the whole shabang, so it'll be cool :) I'm going to play the mission hymn for it too which is sick :)

Oh yeah - Turialba exploded in the middle of the night and left volcanic ash everywhere in Heredia - I saved a little bottle of it because it's way cool. It kinda bugs your lungs and eyes but it was gone after like 2 days. So we're good now - just lots of cleaning!

Happy big 'ol 18 to my brother, Dillon.  It's tough being away from your best friend for 2 years.  But I'm stoked for the Stott studs to hit up BYU when I get back.

Sorry for a short email - we're going to take lots of photos this week because it's going to be Semana Sacrificio! Whoo hooo! Time to get one of 2 things: soaked, or sunburnt! Nah, but it'll be really great! Today I completed 14 months just in Costa Rica which is pretty crazy!

Here is a video of a funny cooking show I did with Elder Vorwaller with our branch.  Those are his hands - he is hidden behind me.

Well, hope you guys all have a great week this week!

Love you guys all a ton,
Much love, the church is true!

- Elder Stott

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