Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, May 2, 2016

Week - 64 Pretty Flippin Rainy

Hey guys!

Hope everyone had a great week up there in the states!
It's been pretty flippin rainy down here in Costa Rica but I have a pretty nice umbrella so no worries there!

Things have been good in good ol Holy Sunday. Lots of work to get done here. We did get 103 people to come this Sunday and that's not counting a bunch of really active families that almost always come so we're hoping and praying really hard to grow the branch into a ward here!

Giovannye is progressing really well and we're hoping that everything falls into place this week for his baptism this weekend. His cousin that lived with him was killed on Sunday morning so he's been struggling a little bit, but I know that the gospel will help things turn around. It always gives us a better outlook :)

My companion got a guitar and I'm teaching him too so the infection process in going well right now haha ;)  We recorded a couple of songs.

We did go to Pricemart too (the Tico Costco) and I found dark chocolate covered acai berries :) :) :) They are flipping good.

My landlord-grandparents (The Cordero's) went to see the Costa Rica temple this week! They loved it. Grandpa C is pretty good with the selfies.

Hope everything goes well this week for everyone! Happy early mother's day to all those moms out there (especailly mine :) ) Look forward to talking to you next week mom :)

Spanish Allelujah 

Love you guys!
Pura Vida & the church is true! 
Elder Stott 

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