Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 63 - It Finally Came!


Hope this week went great for all you guys - pretty rainy down here in good ol CR!

So first of all, I GOT MY BIRTHDAY PACKAGE! Thank you mom :) And that hand grip that's 200 lbs is a BEAST... My goal is to be able to close it before I hop on that plane! ALSO, we got the Jelly bean game where they have a bunch of sets of 2 flavors but they're the same color so you don't know if it's the good or bad one until you're chewing it - just saying, Rotten Egg is horrible.... I almost threw up. We took some really funny videos so hopefully those get through. (they didn't)

Second, we met this completely awesome dude named Giovannye (yes, it's spelled like that). His girlfriend is Peruana and she really brought the gospel to Giovannye's life. Plus, his mom is an inactive member for more than 20 years! So we're really excited because he wants to get baptized soon. We're starting to prep that up! He's the crazy dude in the blue shirt.

We took some cool railroad tracks pictures too!

We're also still meeting with the young mother.  She's really faithful but really doubtful at the same time.. She's just unsure even though I know that the Spirit has testified to her so many times. Some of the best lessons I've helped teach have been with her!

I'll make sure to do something extraordinary this week so I have something super exciting to write about :)

Well, love all you guys. Take care and remember that our vision is often very short-sighted. Things always end up just fine :)

Church is true!
Pura vida mop! (pure life dude)

Elder Stott

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