Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 69 - 16 Months Baby!


What's up? Well, things are great down in here in Costa Rica. Lots of rain still... it's kinda funny because basically, an umbrella basically just helps your head and shoulder gets wet. Everything else gets soaked HA. It's really great!

Well my companion is pretty awesome. His name is Elder Fuentes from DF, Mexico. He has only 6 months here in the mission but he's loving it. It's kinda hard for him to be ready for studies and the schedule but we're working on that little by little! I'm learning to eat even more spicy stuff and I'm loving it - habanero is really good and now jalapeños really aren't that spicy to me haha. It's pretty cool because he's an even bigger gym-rat than I was. So it's fun to workout in the mornings. 

This week we're having a wedding! It's for a couple that the GF is a member and BF is an investigator. We've fought to get them married for SO long (like since the first week I got here in Santo Domingo). And they're finally getting married this Saturday and his baptism is next Saturday. SO FLIPPIN STOKED! Oh, and they asked me to play a musical number too so let's hope that it goes well! haha I'll try to record it. 

Things in Santo Domingo are going great. Really loving it here! Plus I went to Pricemart today and bought sour gummy worms and honey bunches of oats so, I'm REALLY loving it here haha! Nah, but it's really good. Today we've planned to find a ton of people that really want to progress because we've had to leave some people - which always makes me kinda sad... :( but the Lord has a plan for everyone and sometimes all we can do is invite. 

Nothing much else to report this week! Loving the mission so far! These passed 16 months have been the longest/hardest/best/and worth-while time of my life. I absolutely love this Gospel and know that this is the church of Jesus Christ. And I'm here to share the blessings that I have with other people here in Costa Rica! I love the Ticos! and I love my mission! 

Thank you for all the support that I've had from all of you! Keep those prayers coming - they're needed! 

Love all you guys! The church is true!
Pura Vida,

Elder Stott! 

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