Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 71 - Pineapple Trees and Scripture Study


Well cool, this week was a good week! It was Semana de Milagros which was pretty sweet. We had the chance to meet a lot of people here in Santo Domingo who are really cool - it's just tricky trying to see if they're interested in us or the gospel...

This week Manuel FINALLY got baptized! It was really the greatest thing ever and I was really excited. It had a pretty good turn-out of people but I was just really really content and happy for him :)  

Also cool picture of the week: A baby pineapple! Fact: they do not grow on trees. They grow from a plant that grows up from the ground. If you plant the green leafy part in dirt, another pineapple will grow - the top is the seed! So for all the people wondering where the seed of pineapple is, it's there, not those little specks inside!

We had a meeting with Elder Alonso - another 70 from the 1st quorum. He is so cool and we learned so much from him. We've had SO many meeting these passed 2 months. But yeah, it was pretty mind-blowing. Cool stuff.

Well, a couple of fun facts about the gospel/church that I've found out or studied in the mission:

A Child's Prayer - the first verse is the child praying and the second is a parent encouraging him/her to pray. Well, originally, the first verse was the child praying and the second verse was Heavenly Father answering: "Pray, I am here. Speak, I am listening". The church didn't want to put words in His mouth so it's understandable that they changed it but wow, when you think of it that way, the song takes on a whole new and sacred meaning. Pretty cool!

1 Nephi 1:1 - the most read and misunderstood scripture in the BofM. Next time you read it, think about the Plan of Salvation and Jesus Christ. Christ was born of goodly parents and instructed as well... As so are we, and are thought and actions are being written in the book of life... COOL STUFF!

Lehi's Journey: a type of the Plan of Salvation. How many kids did Lehi have? If you thought 4, you should repent and read Nephi again haha because it was definitely 6. How many of them stayed loyal to Lehi? 4. How many fell or away or LEFT? 2. 2 out of 6 is 33% or a third. How many left with Satan in the War in Heaven...? Interesting huh? We should really improve how we study the scriptures - there's a lot more there than you think :)

And last, the Parable of the Good Samaritan IS NOT about service or about doing your home/visit teaching. Good try but no, that's completley wrong haha. I'm going to let you guys study it, but I'll give you a hint. Jerusalem is the Presence of God and the person who was robbed is us. I'll leave the rest for you guys :)

Well, thanks for all the love and support! I can feel your prayers all the way over here!

Pura Vida and the Church is true!

- Elder Stott :)

Laundry day - LOTS of white shirts :)

How doing laundry makes me feel

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