Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 39 - Protected by the gangsters

Hey y'all! I thought I'd change the "hey everyone" up haha 

Things are really going good here in Hatillo! It's still raining a ton and super hot at the same time.. What a superb combo ay? 

We had a baptism yesterday of Santiago! He's a 9 year old who's super duper awesome. He's pretty much my best friend here in the mish. He asked me like a month/2 months ago to baptize him and we finally did it! One time, I had to go with a different missionary when we had an appointment with him. I heard he about cried because he thought I left.. But I came back haha :)

I talked to a bunch of gangster this week and got their names and where they all live. It turns out that 4 of them have killed about 60 people between all 4... And they never give out there names because they think everyone works for the GOV when they do haha. But they were super chill with us and we taught them almost all of the Plan of Salvation which was pretty cool. Now they always say hi and even protect us when we come by that part of our area! 

Elder Carrion - feeling the heat
I ate a super hot chili that's smaller than my thumbnail. I didn't cry but my face went beet-red and my whole toungue and mouth went numb. I gave my comp 5 bucks to eat 4. (A mexican who LOVES chili here can only handle 4 so imagine how hot they are haha) My comp cried so much and it was super duper funny. Something that I think dad would like to watch haha. 

I started working out big-time this week. My arms are DEAD ahhh. I feel like I have nubs for arms because they won't bend more than 90 degrees... But no pain no gain right? Let's just say there better be a lot of gain for all this pain.... :)

Not much more to write about this week... I did help cook tortillas for a Hondureno food called valiadadas. SUPER RICO :)

Well, keep me posted on how everyone's doing! Love you guys!

Pura Vida

- Elder Stott :)

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