Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 38 - Machete Master

Hey everyone, hope (as always) that things are going good over in the US of A! I'm getting all gear-ed up for Halloween even though a lot of people don't know what it even is haha.

So this week was pretty dang sick! We had a Multi-Zone conference with President Duncan - a big 70 who's the President of the Central American Area. It was a really really long meeting (almost 8 hours) but we learned a ton! I was super stoked for all the good advice that he gave us and I'm excited to apply it in my area and in my mission. We got to sing in my little group to the Mission Hymn of Costa Rica San Jose Oeste which went really well. President Duncan said that we should all be in Mo-Tab haha. I didn't get a good video of it so that was kinda sad. I'll just have to do it again here sometime soon.

There's this little puppy that always comes running out when I come to the house of a member. The member is seriously like my 3rd grandma because she always gives us food and she's one of the sweetest old ladies that I know. The little puppy's name is Tommy and she's super duper cute haha. I like puppies :)

We did a little service project in a poor part of our area (where they kill a lot of people - it's a really nice place haha). We had to "chopear" someones back yard with machetes. Man, my hand was so blistered and sore afterwards. I felt like I was chopping through the jungle because the plants we're all bigger than me! Never under-appreciate a lawnmower haha they are a blessing!

Our area is doing pretty well. We're struggling with getting people to come to chuch on Sunday's because it always seems like something comes up! Dang it! We'll just have to keep working hard - we'll be blessed for efforts, it just may not be instantaneous.

Not much else to write about. I'm doing good and I'm loving the mission. It sure is making me skinny but I'm still me haha. I am able to say almost everything that I want to and I can almost understand everything that people say to me. I feel like Spanish has "clicked" for me finally and now I can really get to work!

Thank you everyone for prayers and support - keep it coming!

Sending some pura vida vibes your way!

Elder Josh Stott

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