Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 42 - A Math lesson and Mexican Yodeling

Hey everyone! Hope this week has been a great one for everyone! 

Things are good here in CR.. The rain is finally starting to leave us alone finally haha. SO SICK OF WET SOCKS! Saw a crazy bird-eating spider this week. I love this place.

Things are pretty good in our area. We found a family of three and we started to teach a lesson to them. We ended the lesson teaching 9 people! So that was super cool.. It was after a really long day of having doors slammed in our faces... We've been getting that a lot lately here but if we're diligent, the blessings really do come! People don't want to come to church on Sundays so that's really tough. Something that I like to do, is to teach a little mathematics brace yourself (we'll see if Sophie can do this math): We have 168 hours each week. Church (Mormon church, anyways) only takes 3 hours of that 168. So if we do a little bit of math, church is less than 2% of our week. Our Heavenly Father has blessed us with a 100% of our week. It really isn't all that hard to dedicate less than 2% of your week to the Lord.. We have the other 98% percent! Okay, that's enough math for today!

I'm starting to learn some good mariachi music.... force. I'm really not a big fan because to me, it just sounds like Mexican yodeling and a guitar haha. And all the songs sound the flippin same! But sometimes I just have to sing along. BUT, my companion is good at singing hymns - so that's a big plus. He's my first comp that doesn't sing like a dying goat. haha ;)

My Zone
Today we played some ultimate frisbee in the Sabana Park! I went hard, diving everywhere and snatching that frisbee outta the air! So now, I'm writing right now a little bit dirty and sore, but happy. It reminded me of Summer term at BYU playing some good ol' UF! 

Me, I'm doing good. Still getting used to all the Christmas junk that people have out already haha. And I'm bracing myself for a tsunami of tamales... That's pretty much all people eat during Christmas here... Or, they butcher a whole choncho (pig)! Mmmmm Now That, I can dig :) Still getting skinnier. I'm trying to eat as much as I can but it doesn't work too well... If you all truly love me, send me some protein! 

Well, Hope everyone stays warm this week. It's not too hard here being 86 degrees (but it honestly feels cool to me now)

Stay pretty pony boy y PURA VIDA!

Elder Stott

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