Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 21 - Captain America in Costa Rica

Elder Stott's mission was divided last week -they are growing!

He'll be serving the West-side of Costa Rica.  (Official name, Costa Rica San Jose West)  His new mission president, German Laboriel Guitty, is from Honduras.

Today is day 146 :)  Here's his letter from this morning!

Hey everyone! 

Sounds like this week has been a scorcher back at home so I hope everyone's been staying cool!

My week was hot and a little bit rainy but hey - I think I'm used to that now haha

This week was a really really good week with some ups and downs! (I think I'll always have those haha) 

So first of all, we had our last mission conference with President Wilkinson! It was super sad and I really don't want him to leave or change mission presidents. Something pretty funny - so my first mission conference back in March, President called me up in front of everyone with my companion to show the size difference between us both and he said that now Elder Mejia could go anywhere he wanted without problems! haha Well this conference he had a few demonstrations and asked for someone who was really strong. The room was quiet for like 2 seconds and then all of the sudden people started chanting my name and next thing you know, the whole room of 250+ missionaries was chanting "Elder Stott!", so President called me up in front of everyone haha. He had me break some strings and pencils (and because I'm so strong, I broke all of them haha) but he had a pencil taped to a baseball bat and asked me to break it - I definitely couldn't! He also gave me a hard time because I want to play football for BYU after my mission and he went to University of Utah (they're rivals) so that was funny. And he called me Captain America and now, the whole mission knows me as "Captain America" or "Elder America" haha. 

That was my 3rd time in front of the whole mission - I think I'm one of the President's favorites ;)

My companion and I are still working at getting over our differences. He's maturing a little and we're working on having him talk a little less. He still likes to bring up jokes that happened a month ago but hey, at least he thinks they're still funny! haha

For the mission conference, we had 4 extra elders in our house and it was nuts. We went to bed super late because people kept talking.. That day we had divisions with the Elders (we switched companions around for that day) and I couldn't go to our family's house that we always visit. But my companion brought back a bag with some sodas in it. They had bought me a A&W Rootbeer, Mountain Dew, and Dr. Pepper.  I couldn't tell if it was sweat or tears but I was filled with indescribable joy haha :)

We had a baptism cancel this week which was really really hard for me. I thought we had helped him prepare the best we could but it turns out that he had some problems to work out.  I was super frustrated with myself because I thought I had done something wrong. It was tough to deal with and honestly, I let the news ruin the rest of my day. There is no such thing as a bad day in the mission, but there are definitely some really hard days. We talked it through, he made a new baptism date and we are going to keep helping him. I'm going to make sure he understands all of the lessons to ensure that he will be ready next time!

Sister Amarilis got baptized!
But to finish with good news, WE BAPTIZED SISTER AMARILIS! I was sooooooo stoked to be able to baptize her. For 23 years, she has been off-and-on investigating the church and now finally decided that she wanted to be baptized! She asked me to baptize and confirm her as well which was super special for me. The baptism went perfect.  I also got to play the guitar and sing "I Need thee Every Hour" in Spanish. It went really well :)

I'm practicing my beatboxing because the ticos really love it. They always ask Elder Navas to rap and to have me beatbox and it's funny to see their faces. There's always kids that like to run up to me and hang from my arms too - I love those little guys!

I hope this week will be awesome for everyone and happy 4th of July!!! I'm going to have my own little celebration here haha :) 

Pura Vida!

- Elder Stott 

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