Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 18 - The watcher in the window, and the haha police.

Hey everyone! 

Elder Mejia and me - we ball hard, Tico style
I say this every time but I hope that everything is going well and that life is good!

Since my "haha's" are getting out of hand, I'm going to take it easy on them. I think it's just a way to express myself somehow more than just a boring email, I'm not quite sure...

So this week was a great one with a big change!

The big change is that I'm done with my training now. I'm staying in Alejuelita and I got a new companion today. His name is Elder Contreras and he's from Mexico. He only has one change more than me (month and a half) and he's going to be the new district leader. The Zone Leaders asked me to kind of help him with the ropes of being District Leader because my last companion was the same thing. I don't know a whole lot about him yet.. There's always something to learn with each companion so this will be an adventure of some sorts haha!

Diany's baptism
This week I had another baptism! Her name is Diany and she's living with a member family. Her boyfriend has been out in the mission-field for 1 month and she was super interested in the church because of him. She was prepared and everything to receive the gospel and she progressed super fast! She's awesome and I'm excited to keep meeting with her and helping her progress!

So, I thought that this week would be normal and I wouldn't be attacked by an animal or have exploding appliances BUT, I was definitely wrong. So, our new apartment has two windows that open out to a roof. There's this cat that won't leave us alone and it's super annoying. The first night it came, I had just woken up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. The cat was literally watching me in my sleep and it scared the crud out of me because the window is right next to my bed. HA  I may have screamed because my companion woke up too. A couple of days later, the cat got in while we were gone. We came back to an over-turned garbage can and half-eaten food. I found the culprit in one of the rooms. The cat was hunched in the corner hissing at me!  So I grabbed my handy-dandy umbrella and fought this devil-cat out of my apartment. It was flying everywhere around our whole apartment and eventually it escaped out of my window. BUT, during it's escape, the freaking cat peed on my mattress! I was TICKED haha. So that was my adventure for this week! 

The Alejuelita gang
We have been having a lot of success in this area and I'm excited to see what we still have in store. I've learned that it is through obedience that we receive blessings and it is through exact obedience that we receive miracles. I know that this is the Lord's work and that He is preparing His children for His gospel! 

I don't have a whole ton to write about this week so sorry for the shortish letter. I already miss the missionaries who left my district, but I'm excited to see what great things the new missionaries are going to do here in Alejuelita!

Thank you for all the prayers in my behalf! They don't go to waste!


- Elder Stott :)

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