Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 19 - Bad eggs and Hot Sauce

Hey guys! 

Hope all is well in the US of A! 

This week was honestly one of the longest week of my mission ha ha ha... 

New Elders in Alejuelita - my comp is on my left
So first of all, I'm getting used to my new companion. Like I said, he's from Mexico and his name is Elder Contreras. Haha he says "dude" and "man" a lot for someone that doesn't speak English. He's a little bit touchy, meaning that he likes to punch and poke at me and it's a little much for me - but I'm learning to be patient. He likes to make strange noises like a pig or this squeal thing.. I'm not totally sure what it is haha. Most of all, he loves to talk. LOVES to talk. He asks a ton of questions like "what are you doing?" but I think he just likes the sound of his voice hahaha. REGARDLESS of the strangeness, I'm learning to love him little by little. He teaches well, so that is one thing that I do like. Who knows, this change is probably only a month long (because Pres. Wilkinson is going home)  so we'll see if I'm changed out of the area.

We have a lot of great investigators. All of them were really sad when my old companion left - and a lot of them cried too. So it's been hard for them to get used to my new companion. But, they're all grateful that I'm still around. Our next baptism is this Friday - her name is Armarilis and she's amazing. She and her family are honestly like a family to me. Haha she call's me her corazon de fresa (or strawberry heart) and the joke is that it's small but VERY sweet hahaha :) She always cries when she talks about me leaving so that's going to be tough for her and her family when that happens. But she is finally prepared to be baptized! She has over 15 years investigating the church and has never really liked the missionaries... but Elder Mejia and I changed that :) 

So this week I got sick again for a couple of days. I had a really upset stomach and I threw-up for a whole night. It really sucked because I was throwing up so hard that I had those little red-blood-spot things all over my face :( It was something I ate that day (I think it was the eggs that we had for lunch). Honestly, I'm kind of scared to eat our cocinera's food now... haha I'm still sick but in a different way now. My tonsils are killing me and I have a bad headache but, oh well. It's pura vida over here in Ticolandia haha.

So I've decided to open-up a new seccion in my letters. It's called "animal or appliance of the week" This week's "animal or appliance of the week" spotlight goes to the stupid pigeons in Alejuelita. I was sitting in the park waiting for an investigator when a flippin pigeon decided to bomb on my pants. Not 10 minutes later, the other leg of my pants was bombed too. So, I'm planning on buying a 20-gauge, and destroying every last pigeon in Alejuelita - I will have my revenge haha.

Spikey red fruit things
HEY! I finally got a chance to try a fruit that I've always wanted to try but could never find! They're these little red and spiky balls and you open with your fingers and you eat the fruit around the seed on the inside. They taste like a grape and apple put together and they taste SUPER GOOD.

I finally feel like my Spanish has "clicked". I can talk to people in the street and can talk about what I want more or less. It's a really great boost of confidence because it's really hard to talk to people when you're not sure what you're saying haha :) I hope by my year mark that I'll be able to speak perfect Spanish!

LOVE my little bottle of Frank's Red Hot!
A sister in our ward, that we always eat dinner with on Tuesday's, gave me a little bottle of Frank's Red Hot sauce!!! It is SOOOO flippin good and I literally danced around the room when she told me that it was for me. I was beaming from ear-to-ear :) But, she said that we're going to eat Mondongo soon and that dampened the mood a little haha. Mondongo is cow-stomach and people here like to eat it I guess... I'm really scared to try it because #1, it's STOMACH 
and #2, I've heard that people can get super sick from eating it. Please pray for me that she forgets ha ha ha...

Well folks, that's all for this week! Thank you everyone for all your emails and updates! It's good to know that everything is going well!

Take care & Pura Vida!
Elder Stott :)

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