Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 22 - 5 months!! Good vibes and a new area.

Hey everybody, hope everyone had a sweet 4th of July! I waved my tiny American flag in my apartment.

So this week was honestly not too exciting at all until Sunday night.. More about that later... haha :)

We've still been working with 3 awesome investigators. They all have their own challenges so we've really been working by the Spirit with them.

I bought some incense and peanut butter this week so I was super stoked for that! The incense adds a nice touch to studying and relaxing after a long day - gives you some good vibes hahaha ;)

Our Mission President got here last Monday and the mission feels different already. I haven't met him yet but people that have, say that he's super strict. He was a Area Seventy before. I'm not totally sure what to think and I've heard that there are some big rule changes coming, so all I know is that it's gonna be tough.  But I know if I'm obedient, I'll be successful. I'll learn to love him, and I have to trust my Heavenly Father more! 

So this passed Sunday, I got a call saying that I had changes! They told me I was going to Cañas, Guanacaste! So I spent ALL last night packing and calling converts and families. It's been a whirlwind of emotions because I really didn't want to leave - I was "born" in Alejuelita (it's like my home haha) but at the same time, I felt like I needed a fresh new start.  I feel like I came and baptized the people that were prepared for me. 

My companion's name is Elder Guzman and he's from El Salvador (like my trainer). I'll be sure to send a picture of him next week, but he's super short and he seems like a really sick dude. I think we're going to get along really well! :) 

My area is called Cañas and it's in Guanacaste. I took a bus from San Jose and it took 4 hours to get here so that sucked but hey, I'm finally here :) The weather is dry and super flippin hot (95-100 degrees). It reminds a lot of Central or

Southern Utah in the middle of the Summer! There's a ton of dust everywhere so we'll see how that goes. My comp told me that the people here are kind-of friendly but he also told me there's always a ton of baptisms here! 

Sorry there's not a ton to write about this week.. I'll make sure to do something crazy or worth writing-about this coming week!

Hope everyone has a killer week!

Pura Vida!

- Elder Stott :)
Caught 'em snoozin!  ;)
Arroz Cantonese with Hermana Amarilis
Stott Fast Sunday tie pic!

Converts of the other Elders plus a member
Ruben's family is awesome
Me and Shayla - Amarilis family
Elder Black.  The non-sporty version of me!
Oso, me and Elder Na

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  1. Love this letter and his photos are awesome! He is going to have a great experience in his new area, I can't wait for all of those photos dressed in white =)