Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Week 23 - "It tastes like chicken"...ughh

Howdy family and friends!

Hope your week was cooler (temperature wise) than mine! haha It's flippin hot here in Guanacaste!

So this week was really great! It's tough memorizing everyone's name and the parts of the new area so about half the time, I feel like a lost puppy just following my companion around haha. :)

So I had a baptism my first week! I'm not totally sure what happened, but after 10 years of investigating the church she decided that she wanted ME to baptize her. She said that I gave her really good "vibes" or something like that haha. So, you guessed it, we baptized her! Her name is Mercedez and she's from Nicaragua. She is part of a huge family - Familia Mungia, and her whole family is super awesome! They remind me a ton of my Jones Family side hahaha :)

The area is pretty great. I do like my old area a lot better but I'm getting used to it now! It reminds me every single day of Meadow/Fillmore, Utah haha. It's super hot, dry, there's always semi's passing by and the people are chilling outside. It's a super weird feeling, feeling that I'm in Meadow, Utah but that I'm in Costa Rica haha :)

Mom isn't gonna be happy to hear this but a couple of weeks ago, I ate Mondongo (cow stomach) and it was super flippin nasty. It tastes really foul and reminds me of gum - it's pretty chewy. Don't worry, I'll never ever eat it again haha. And yesterday, I ate Iguana.. It was pretty good because it tastes a whole lot like chicken. You wouldn't know it was iguana if someone didn't tell you.. haha I wasn't a HUGE fan so I don't think I'll ever find myself requesting it haha.

Not a super cool story but I thought it was cool... haha I found a little baby parrot walking around in the street and it was chill enough to climb up on my finger. So the picture of me is with a chill and wild parrot :)

I'll have more to write about my investigators next week when I know more of them and their names but the ones I've met are super cool!

I hope everyone is staying cool! Remember to never let a day pass by without serving someone. I've done it everyday in my mission and I can testify that it will bless their lives and your's even more!

Todo "Tuanis" (slang for awesome) here!

Pura Vida

- Elder Stott :) 

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