Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, July 27, 2015

Week - 25 "Hey Patrick, you know what's funnier than 24? 25."

Do you remember that episode??  Haha man, I miss Sponge Bob.  25 weeks though!

Hey everyone! How's life in the good ol' States?! 

Things are hot and dusty here in Guanacaste, but the baptisms keep coming!

You guessed it! Another Baptism this passed Saturday! This sick dude's name is Juan Ramon and he's a savage! He really has a love of the gospel and we had to push him a little to make the decision to be baptized but here we are with the newest member of the Church. We completed another family here in Guanacaste so now we just need to wait 1 year so they go to the temple! What a blessing to be a part of changing people's lives for the better! :)

The Road to Discipleship
Things are pretty normal here, it's kinda boring sometimes to be completely honest.. We're out here in the sticks of Guana so nothing really happens BUT the work of the Lord here is really killin' it!

This week haha I had a soup that I called "surprise" soup! It was a fish/seafood soup that had a bunch of random stuff haha. It felt like I was eating a soup made from stuff that was scraped off the side of a boat. It had a weird fish in it that tasted and had the texture of beef - I'm not sure what it was but it was good! haha

It's kinda tough here in Canas because sometimes the people are kinda lazy. They don't want to go to church or get baptized - even if they know that the church is true or that they'll receive blessings. So sometimes we have to be straight-up with investigators and say something along the lines of "Hey, it was really a pleasure to teach you guys but we feel that you don't want to keep going or listen to our lessons so we're going to have to stop coming by..." It's tough sometimes but we give them a reality check and hope that they can re-organize their priorities.

This week I had a experience that really strengthened my testimony of the Priesthood that I hold. we had to go bless a house that the previous owners had used to do witch-craft. I won't talk about it very much because it's scary, but to say the least, whatever was in that house, did not like my companion or me at all. But the house is fine now and it's a place of love and the Spirit. The power of the Priesthood is SO real and it's meant to bless the lives of our Heavenly Father's children. I'm so grateful to hold that power!

Thank you everyone for the prayers!

Pura Vida!

- Elder Eh-Stott (that's how people say my name haha)   

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