Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 26 - SIX MONTHS!! Yeeaaah Baby!!

Howdy y'all!

How's everyone doing out there in Gringolandia?! 

So this week went by really really fast! Not a whole lot happened but hey "ya vamos" or basically "we're still going!" So I don't have a ton to write about this week :(

The one thing that was really killer is that we had the baptism of William! He's this super tall and super chill dude who doesn't really talk all that much but he's got a giant heart and has a love for the gospel. It's super cool because a long time ago, he was super bitter and grumpy and served in the military in Nicaraugua - pretty sure he's killed multiple people haha.... But he's changed SO much and now we're just hoping that he can go to the temple to be sealed with his family in a year! The Gospel of Jesus Christ really changes people's lives - that's for sure! :) So crazy - it looks like we're set to looking really really good to havebaptize every week for about 2 more months here. I'm trying to beat a record here in the mission - 19 weeks in a row. Records are to be broken and I'm here to break 'em :) haha

It's still super hot and dusty in Canas - it honestly feels like I'm in a small town in Texas or something. I keep losing weight and that always stinks. I'm about 185ish pounds now, getting skinny and losing muscle. DUMB. hahaha Fasting is always super hard here because normally when I fast, I'm just hungry. Here, I practically die of thirst but hey, all the more blessings right?

Fast Sunday tie pic - I cleaned the mirror afterwards

Something funny this week - so I was walking down-town with my comp and this guy stopped us. He wanted me to be a men's model for his store which is like a Men's Warehouse or something like that. Haha he said that he liked the way I had my hair and how I dressed. Missionary style!  He was pretty bummed to hear that I couldn't help him out, but we gave him a pass-along card so he got to hear a little about the gospel!

Hope all is going well there in the Estados Unidos! Keep praying for me! Remember that a smile is always the best things you can give to others!

Pura Vida! 

- Elder Stott :)

What's for dinner?  Garrobo Iguana - I LOVE THEM - These taste like beef!

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