Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 27 - Elder Hulk and the Volcano

Hey everyone!

So this week was another week that really flew by. There were a couple of really long & difficult days but hey, I made it!
Tatiana's baptism - she is so tiny!

So first off, we had a baptism yesterday! It was rock solid because we have been working with this girl since my first week here! She's this little tiny girl named Tatiana and she's 11 years old. She's super duper (I mean really really) shy to talk to us and to anyone but she has a solid testimony of the gospel. Five weeks straight baptizing baby ;)

This week we had a mulit-zone conference over in Liberia which was cool. First, President called and asked me a bunch of question (it was a really scary test). He asked me to cite D&C 4:3 (we have that whole section of the scriptures memorized) the commandments, Book of Mormon Prophets, Latter Day Prophets and an Article of Faith. Man, good thing I passed! He told me that he was proud of the hard-work I'm doing here in Cañas. I have a ton of respect for that man! Also, the Assistants (who I didn't know) know me and my comp and say that we're killing it in Cañas! I guess we're famous or something ;)

Today, we went to Tilaran to go see the Arenal Volcano which was sick! I saw a ton of Blue Morpho butterflys and a bunch of cool flowers. The Volcano is huge and green and gorgeous! I was bummed that you can't climb it - it's VERY active so it's illegal and apparently dangerous but, you can get really close to it! I finally saw a pretty part of Costa Rica! Haha it was cool driving through because it's literally the jungle over there. There was all these weird sounds of bugs and birds and I was in the middle of all of it! I got a couple of cool pictures taken with some of my buds here in Cañas

I'm finally able to understand the language here in CR. I can almost always say exactly what I want to say and I can understand about 90 percent of what people say to me!

There's changes this week so I'll probably (I'm hoping), have a new companion here in Cañas! I've learned some good things from my companion here but let's just say I'm REALLY ready for a new one haha. I feel like he thinks he's training me or something. I'll just keep him happy by letting him think that haha ;)

Thank you everyone for all of the emails, love, and support! It really recharges my battery for another week of hard work! 

Pura Vida y siga adelante! (keep going) :)

- Elder Stott! 

Lake Arenal

At the Arenal Volcano with my district

Me and my crewwwww!

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