Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 30 - Sleeping on the floor

Hey everyone!  7 months complete!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their last few weeks of summer! Everyday feels like summer here because its almost always hot haha. 

So this week, I dont have a ton to write about haha but we'll see.

So like I said last week, our area is huge. I get lost all of the time haha but my companion said that it's super organized here compared to Honduras so he knows his way around. I sure don't haha.

We finally got a house here in Hatillo! Its a brand new apartment and its super duper nice compared to all of my other houses! But the mission didn't have enough supplies for us so, we're sleeping with our mattresses on the floor because we dont have the equipment for our bed frames. I had to go buy garbage cans, mops, brooms, shower curtains, and other stuff with my personal money ugh :( 

My companion bought pizza for our first night in the new house.  It was so good! Had to get a picture of that!  I'm still getting used to the training part of things. My comp still asks a TON of questions but I'm teaching him to answer his own questions or to think things out a little more. He really has a love for the work which is great - that's one thing that I love about him. We're working on listening to the Spirit this week so that should really help him out.

The area is going good. We seriously need more missionaries here because its so huge but I'm getting used to it. We're going to have a Baptism this week! I'm super stoked because it's the girl who's 10 years old who is part of a part-member family. She was prepared already and just needed to be invited to be baptized! So we're going to have her baptism on Wednesday! 

Speaking of Wednesday, we get to go to the Temple in the morning! I'm super stoked because I always love the strong Spirit that's there in the House of the Lord. I can always use a godd spiritual recharge hahaha :) I'll send photos of that next week!

Well, let's hope something crazy will happen this week so I have a good story to write!

Thank you for all the letters, prayers, and support from back home. Love you guys!

Take care!

Pura Vida,

- Elder Stott

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