Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Week 50 - Cigarettes in my pocket, and the garbage man

Heya everyone!

Hope everything is sweet up there in the States or wherever you might be!

So, I've been reminded that my life is exciting to some people (even though it might be normal stuff to me haha) so I'm gonna give you all the reaaaal good scoop haha :)

So first, we're working with this awesome lady. She is 32, a single mom of two kids and really wants to get baptized. We were explaining to her that we as people need personal revelation from God. She asked how she could have her own it and we told her through the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It's something our Heavenly Father blesses us with when we are baptized and confirmed into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If we live worthy of it, the Holy Ghost can ALWAYS be with guide, inspire and comfort us. This is something she wants so much!  We set up a baptismal date with her and it's coming up here soon in February. 

Funny story - So she is working at not smoking. She used to smoke almost 2 packs a day and now we have got her down to 6 cigarettes a day. One day, we came by and I asked her how many she had smoked that day. She told me 4 and I asked if she had any more on her. She had about half a pack and I asked her to give them to me and I took them. She laughed and let me take them. Well, I FORGOT I HAD THEM... when I got back home, I felt something plasticy in my pocket.  I still had los cigarros... haha so my companion and I tore them apart in the house and dumped them in the toilet :) It was pretty funny!

We almost died on the bus this week. Not really!? We hopped on a bus to head back to our area to work one day and the driver dude was NUTS. There was a bunch of traffic so he popped the curb on the side of the highway and we drove on the shoulder and the little grass thing in the middle.. It was pretty funny and scary but we did get home fast :) 

We have a baptism this week of a cute little girl. She's 9.  And for some reason, she gets shy and embarrassed when I come to the house. She won't say more than one word to me but she WILL talk to my companion! She's literally the first kid here that doesn't like me. AND, when I shake her hand, she grabs it as hard as she can, but it doesn't hurt because I'm a MAN! BOOM! haha but really, we're super excited for her to be baptized.

One of the zones in our area came to the office to watch a movie on their P-day and President invited us (being the 1st class office staff we are) to watch too. WE WATCHED EVEREST! It was SOOO good but sad too. It really teaches you the importance of teamwork. I definitely recommend it.

Also in the office...Elder Black and I made a little lipsync video for your viewing enjoyment. His mom posted it on Youtube.  Hope you like it.  If you haven't heard this song before, make sure you listen closely to the words!

Oh and by the way, we threw our garbage outside in the normal pile and after it landed we heard a grunt... THERE WAS A DUDE SLEEPING IN MY GARBAGE PILE. Interesting.  It was probably the grumpy Oscar dude from Sesame Street hahaha.

Well, there's a little taste into the life of Elder Stott!  Have a good week y'all! Until next time!

Pura Vida,

Elder Stott 

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