Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Week 46 - Merry Navidad!

Heya guys!

Hope everyone had a stinkin sweet Navidad! Things here in Costa Rica were crazy and loud but you could still feel that Christmas Spirit :)

Well, things have been good here. Coolin down a little and no rain so I'm stoked for that! 

We had a Christmas party here in the office with half of our mission! It was super sweet and we did a bunch of funny skits and songs and even had Santa! Haha so speaking about Santa, he had a gift for every missionary and he'd read off their names, and then they'd come up and get their present and take a picture. Everyone skipped or jogged up and took a goofy picture with Santa. When it was my turn, I pulled a good ol' Elf move and screamed SANTAAAAAAA! Haha and and pretended to tackle him, I think I scared him. And then later, I got this picture of me carrying Santa in my arms. It was a good party :)

Oh hey, I forgot to say, so last week, we had an activity in central San Jose. We (Elder Black, Elder Kepo'o and I) played our ukuleles and sang feliz Navidad to a big group of people and in the street in San Jose. Well, one lady took a video and posted it up on Facebook and now it has some 15k likes or something like that. Pretty cool!

Man, I was so thankful to see my family yesterday! They all look so much older haha. And they say I don't look fat so that's good too haha. After years of saying we were gonna get one, they got a puppy (while I'm on my mission, of course) haha. I don't like little dogs anyways, so when I get back, she'll be just the right size.

The picture that I have attached are little cards that say "Èl naciò para que yo..." Which he means "He (Jesus Christ) was born so that I..." and I put "can be like him." Why was Jesus Christ born for you guys. It's a great way to realize what He has done for us and what we can do for Him.

I love this Christmas season, I love my mission, I love my family, I love both my Savior and my Heavenly Father, I love my new puppy Lucy, and I love this Gospel. 

Thank you for all the Christmas wishes and prayers! Keep sending them my way!

Pura Vida
"Feliz Navidad, prospera año y felicidad"

Love you guys!
- Elder Stott

Some of the Elders and me doing the Rudolph Conga

Also - Our church puts out short, inspiring and motivational videos.  Several weeks ago, one called "Good Things to Share" was released.  Josh is in it!  Although it's only for a split second, it's still pretty cool :)  Check it out.... he's at the center-bottom of the screen at about 1:36-38.  

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