Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week 44 - 10 month missionary, and a shopping spree

Hey everyone hope all is well stateside!

Another cool looking spider
Things have been good in Hatillo. I've been stressing out a little bit here because the baptisms don't come easy but hey, you've gotta work hard for things that you want! 

Just about cried at the store...tears of joy.  Food I recognize!!!
I bought a ton of food at a place that's a lot like Costco so there was a bunch of American stuff to buy there. I loved it :) I bought BBQ sauce, pancake mix, candy, Gatorade powder, peanut butter, pub mix, other stuff and BACON. I was stoked for the bacon part - it's sooooo good. And we bought a pizza there afterwards which was really good!

I played a guitar musical number with my comp on Sunday at church. We played Silent Night and it turned out really good.  

I got a call last night for changes... But all that my leaders told me is that I had an interview with President in the morning at 8.. That usually means something big so I got nervous while I packed all last night. By the way, I ABSOLUTELY HATE packing. It's the worst. But anyways got here at 7:30 this morning in the office and had my interview. He said that he's been watching and thinking about this calling for a long long time.

He asked if I would be his Executive Secretary... Oh my gosh. Of course I accepted, but this is gonna be a ton of work.. I'm in charge of President's schedule, Baptismal Records, Numbers and indicators for the whole mission, and whatever else he asks me to do. I talk with Salt Lake a lot too - you have to be considered bilingual. I'm in the Mission office every day now working right next to President so that'll be cool! Hey by the way, for now and until I change, my P-days are on Saturdays. That changes things a tiny bit. So big change for me in the mission! Oh, by the way, I'll be here in the office with Elder Black :) He's the best.

Not sure what else to write about.. My new companion (after I finish my training as a secretary in February) is really an old companion, Elder Contreras. Again. He's the one from Mexico who I was with a while back.. He's more mature now so maybe we'll get along better now.. I'll be with him at least 6 months so hopefully everything goes good!

Christmas time - Tico style
Well, I hope everyone has a fantastic week! Be safe and remember why we celebrate Christmas: Our Savior Jesus Christ. There's a new Christmas video that came out and it's really really sweet: A Savior is Born. 
I'm so thankful for Him and that our Heavenly Father loved us enough to send Him to and for us. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I know that he lives and loves us. Share the true spirit of Christmas with everyone you can!

Love you guys! 

Pura Vida
- Elder Joshua Douglas Stott

Me and Rofino

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  1. Mare that is so exciting! It will be really different for a while haha and a great opportunity for him to learn from his President. Have him watch for Spencer when the East ZL's come in for meetings! The Portland boys! =)