Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Week 45 - Tamales and Christmas drink

Hellooooo Ladies and Gentlemen!

Hope things are flippin sweet (Napoleon Dynamite reference) over there in the states! Because things are pretty great here!

First off, it's SO FREAKING HOT! We had sacrifice week this week so that was a great mix haha. So for sacrifice week, we get up extra early to study, and then we're out working by 10 in the morning, which is early here. My new area is HUGE, so I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said I probably walked 30 miles this week. My feet are killing me today haha but hey, it's all in the name of the game! 

This Sunday, we had our Stake Conference here en Estaca La Sabana (The 
Sabana Stake) which is the same stake that I've been in FOREVER (Alajuelita and Hatillo are wards in the stake). Well I walked in and probably spent 20 minutes saying hi to everyone I know haha - it was pretty cool getting to see everyone :) This week (tomorrow) I get to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting to introduce myself to the ward too.

Things are crazy busy in the office but it's fun too haha. We work regular office hours here, then after about 4:00 I head back to San Jose to do my missionary work, find and teach. The food is exactly the same haha as anywhere else. Breakfast and Dinner we just usually eat something in the house and for lunch, we take lunch from a mamacita to the office to eat.

I like my companion, Elder Larsen.  He's really quiet and chill and from the States (Arizona) he has almost 15 months so just a little more than me in the mission.  I'll be with him until February, and then I'll be with Elder Contreras again.
We'll see how Christmas is here. I'll probably be eating a boat load of tamales and a ton of a drink that literally tastes like Christmas haha. We have eaten SO much.  I'll be eating dinner at the Bishops house on the 24th and no idea what I'm gonna do on Christmas! But I will get to skype home and see my family y abuelita :) Pretty excited for that! 

Not much else to report this week. Life is good, I'm loving the mission, and working hard!

Love all you guys!

Have a great Christmas - remember why we celebrate it! He is the Reason.

Pura Vida,

- Elder Stott :)

My buddy, Elder Black, and me - selfies in the office

Playing ukuleles out in the streets

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