Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

First letter from the MTC

Josh arrived at the Missionary Training Center last Wednesday, Feb 4th.

Missionaries are assigned a Preparation Day - or "P-day", and among other things, this is when they get to read/write letters and email.  Josh's P-days, while he's at the MTC, are on Thursdays.  Because his first couple of days were so busy, he didn't get to email on his regular day but his Branch President let him write and mail a letter!  It sounds like he's doing GREAT!!

Here's some of what he wrote (Friday, Feb 6th):

Arriving at the MTC - February 4, 2015
¡Hola Familia!

I wanted to let you know I'm here and safe.  The MTC is pretty awesome!  I'm in a room with 2 companionships but 5 people because I'm in a 3-way companionship.  Not a whole lot of room, but I can definitely last 6 weeks!  I've met the MTC President and my Branch President.  I'm already a flippin' Zone Leader!  Crazy, huh?!  

Spanish is going pretty dang good, but I have a lot to learn. We say prayers in Spanish.  It's really cool because in English we use very formal language in prayers, but in Spanish we use the most personal and tender form (so I can address Heavenly Father as "Papa" or "Daddy").

Today was a little scary because we got to teach an investigator who only spoke Spanish - and we had to speak Español sólo.  I'll talk more about my adventures in my email on Thursday!  I've seen a lot of buddies here from school...I was freaking out a little. 

My testimony of missionary work is so much stronger already.  The days here are exhausting (understatement) but so fulfilling and exciting.  I can feel the love I have for investigators and I'm excited to learn the language and how to better teach.  I love the MTC.  The spirit here is so strong and I love learning and living the gospel 24/7!

I miss you, but I know that I'm preparing to help in God's work.  Love you guys.

¡Haz lo Justo y púra vida!   (Choose the Right and pure life!)

Elder Stott (El toro)

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