Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 16 - I'm on fire...literally.

Hey everyone! Hope everyones week is going well!
Warning... Theres going to be grammatical errors because this keyboard is a Spanish one and I cant change the language haha so sorry. 

At the super mercado
So this week went really well! We have a lot of new investigators and I had a couple funny things happen to me this week, more about that later haha.
So I´m not sure if rainy season has really started because today is freakin hot. Its in the high 90s and Im roasting in my dark pants and dress shirt, but oh well, thats the name of the game baby! haha
We got a brand spankin new stove this week! Its a little slow but its shiny AND I can cook my oatmeal now so todo bien :) I really missed hot food because avena and milk is good but I´d rather have it hot.. haha
So, I´ve decided that all our appliances are all out to try to kill me. First started with our stove bomb thing and now, our shower haha. So I was showering one morning (and although I'm super thankful to have a shower, its kind of a piece of junk haha), when suddenly I could smell burning plastic. The next thing I know, the shower exlpoded in flames haha and I may have squeeled a little bit. There was smoke and everything and turns out, my hair caught on fire too and my companion thought that was a little funny HAHA. I put out the fire and everything.. there was no damage which was lucky. So now, I have the pleasure of showering in the Artict Ocean again! SWEEEEET. Its super cold so to get myself to shower, I heat up water to douse myself in after I´m done using the shower haha
We set two FIRM baptism dates this week! One was with a girl that we have been teaching who is living with members. She is amazing and has, and is progressing so fast! She really likes the Book of Mormon and prayer. It helps that her boyfriend is a missionary who just left for his mission too. Haha I´m sure he's almost excited as we are :) Haha and the family she lives with is pretty loaded with money so when we teach her, they almost always order pizza, so we get pizza 3 times a week! The other is a young man that we have been teaching for almost 3 months. He has progressed slow but now he finally feels ready and feels that he has a testimony as well which is great :) Theyre going to be my first baptisms!!!!  
So there are these stupid junebug things here. They fly everywhere and I think they trip when they walk because they are almost always on their backs... and then the ants like to eat them haha. Anyways, one day, I was waiting for a bus, and one of these big dudes flew and smacked me in the lip. It hurt and scared the crud out of me haha. People around me were dying at the scared gringo. I smashed it so I actually got the last laugh hahaha
Not a whole let else exciting happened this week. I did high five the scary dude with a bunch of teardrop tattoo (each one symbolizes a person he's killed) so that was pretty sick haha. I'm getting skinnier which is sad and my shirts feel like theyre way to big for me hahaha. I'm already planning my workouts for when I get back haha!
So I hope all is well! Things are good here in good ole Alejuelita! Doing the Lord's work one day at a time! Remember your blessings.. theyre are people here who can only dream of the things that we often take for granted.
Pura Vida!

Elder JoshtheStott :)

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  1. Oh my goodness he is hilarious and he sounds fantastic! Love hearing about all the success he is having =D