Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week 15 - Here Comes the Rain

Hey everybody! Hope things are all good in the States!

So this week (just like every week) was a REALLY good week.

It started off with me buying a ukelele! It's an Ibanez, which is a really nice brand that makes guitars and ukeleles. I bought it for 35 Mil or 70 dollars. The awesome thing is that I came to find out that its worth about 250 dollars in the States and it's in perfect condition. Her name is Kalani :) obviously because the ukelele is Hawaiin haha. I've played songs for little kids in the streets and they love it! They always say that my guitar is so cute hahaha

Just messing around with Elder Mejia
This week also, we had divisions. That's where I switch companions for a day and a half and we just preach the gospel and switch apartments and do everything together just like my companion and I normally do. I was with Elder Navas, a Tico from Costa Rica. He is really great but he talks ALL the time. When he's eating, showering, etc. You name it, he's talking. Haha but I did learn how to better utilize the Spirit when I'm teaching. I was definitely glad to have my regular companion back, but it was a good experience!

Helping paint a house - in suit pants.  It's washable!

I had interviews with President Wilkinson this week. He is such an inspired man and I have a ton of respect for him. He's done great things for this Mission and I'm going to be sad to see him go. One thing he has taught me is that we can teach with power and authority while still being humble. There is no way that Satan can stop me in doing the Lord's work when I can fully learn how to teach with power, authority and humility.

The rainy season has started and man, THIS is real rain. Oregon rain is nothing compared to Costa Rica rain. It's like a constant monsoon and even though you have an umbrella, you're still going to get soaked haha. BUT, contacting people is a ton easier now because you're more likely to get in to a home to teach a lesson. We found two great families this past week through contacting and I'm super stoked to share the blessing of this Gospel with them. I KNOW that it blesses families and blesses the life of each of our Heavenly Father's children.

We had a lesson with this super old man named Mendez. In his house (I'm laughing while I'm typing this haha) there were no joke, two big piles of dead flies on his carpet square by his chair. There were flies everywhere and he was swatting them left and right. I took the swatter and probably killed 30 or more flies during the lesson, and because I'm super polite and gracious, I politely added them to his piles, contributing to his great work hahaha. It was also funny because my comp. HATES flies so he was kinda freaking out the whole time. 

Interesting things that happened this week: 

I found goat milk candy in a store and I plan on trying it haha.

Me and Cookie
I found a cat under my bed when I was getting ready to go to bed - I think it snuck in our apartment in the morning or something. Who knows hahaha but it was somebody else's cat.

I took a picture with pretty much the cutest dog ever. His name is cookie :)

Well, that was about all that happened that's worth writing about this week. Sorry it's not a ton - I plan my next letter out during this week! Hang in there and eat real food for me! (haha)

Pure Life ;)

Elder Josh the Stott

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