Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Friday, March 6, 2015

Week 4 - Wrestling rugburns and Life cereal

Hey everybody, hope everyone is having a great week so far!

A couple of little things happened this week but nothing too big.

First, I got to be a host so I got to welcome and guide a couple of new shell-shocked missionaries through the MTC. One sister got out of her car and brought out 4 huge suitcases. I swear she packed rocks and dumbbells because her bags were all freaking heavy - so I got a really good workout haha.

I still have yet to meet ANYONE going to Costa Rica so I think I'll be a solo traveler. I have met just a couple people headed to Panama or Nicaragua.

My dad, brother and I all wear the same tie on Fast Sunday
This week we had the chance to Skype members of the church who are native Spanish speakers and we had a sister who is our age from Costa Rica! Her name was Isabella but she didn't answer our call. So we left a video message and hopefully we can connect with her this coming Monday.

I figured out that there were workout machines above the gym that I had been using so I'm super stoked to use those now. They're pretty descent machines but they're nothing special BUT I'm still grateful to have them.

I'm living on a diet of bananas, milk, and life cereal because I'm pretty tired of the food. Think of the best school cafeteria food you've had (so not all the great), dump a bunch of salt on it, and then boom: you have MTC food! So milk, bananas, and cereal (with the occasional bagel) will be my food and staple for the next 2 weeks as well!

My Tongan buddy - E. Vahakali
Earlier this week, I had an "impromptu" wrestling match with a state champ wrestler from Washington. It was a fierce battle with no clear winner. It ended up being a tie and we both had rug burns on our elbows and knees and face. Our Branch President asked where the marks were from and we said we had wrestled with God in mighty prayer. He about died haha and said he had wished he saw this great and might battle.

I keep bumping into people I know from home and BYU. 3 different people this week stopped me and asked if I worked out at the BYU gym and were surprised that I hadn't been on a mission yet. I'll be hosting again this week and I have a few friends coming in so hopefully I get to see them.

All the Elders still think that it's super cool that I shave with a straight-edge. I have only nicked myself once! It's an art and I am becoming a better artist.

Oh this week, we had were asking an investigator if we could come back and teach him another lesson. One of my poor companions had asked if we could come back on "Juevos" which translates to "eggs" or is slang (but not a bad word) for the male anatomy. I completely lost it and so did our investigator, it was SO funny. My companion once started speaking italian randomly and another time he told an investigator that we baptize dead people (bodies). I quickly explained that we don't use "cuerpos mortes" and that it was a symbolical ordinance. I love my companions, they really keep me on my toes and truly are great :)
Looking GQ in the snow

Here in the MTC I have learned that everyone just wants to be loved - that's what it all comes down to. So I'd encourage everyone to make sure you tell the people you care about that you love them. It really changes lives.

I'm so grateful to be a missionary. It's the hardest thing I have ever done but I have never been happier. It's truly a blessing in my life.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Voy a hablar con todos ustedes la próxima semana! Sé fuerte y valiente.

Pura Vida

- Elder Stott

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