Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Friday, March 13, 2015

Week 5 - Last letter from the MTC

Hola everyone! Hope everyone's doing well!

Well I made it to my last day in the MTC. Kinda weird because although I'm excited to get to Costa Rica, I'm pretty comfortable here. BUT I'm more than ready to leave and go serve the Ticos! 

A couple of things happened this week...

One of my buddies from my home ward - E. Tidwell
Elder Quintin L. Cook (an apostle of the church) came for my last Tuesday-night devotional so I was pretty stoked for that. He talked about how every single missionary call was prayerfully considered and the call itself was inspired. I know that Costa Rica is where I'm supposed to go. I'm not totally sure yet what exactly my purpose is there, but I know that I'll figure out sometime :) 

Spanish is still going great - got an evaluation and the guy in charge said I was "more than ready" to go out and speak but I disagree.. I think I sound like a Spanish-caveman but all is well I guess!

My companions - E. Smith and E. Holmes
I got my flight plans this week: I have my Visa so I'm leaving at 3 am this coming Monday morning and will be in Costa Rica that evening around 7 p.m Costa Rica time (6 p.m. OR) and there is one sister missionary who is also flying with me - and she only speaks Spanish which will be great practice for me haha. I'll fly to Atlanta and then head down to paradise.

We had an elder go home from our Zone and although it kind-of broke my heart, I'm so proud of him. Missionaries who decide to go home to fix things are so strong and courageous. It totally changed my view of missionaries who go home. If you ever come across a missionary who comes home to fix something, please love them. Tell them you're glad to see them. They're courageous people!

Last P-day (after I had emailed) my companion Elder Smith had to go to the Mexican Consulate for his Visa. He came back with a big box and had a big smile on his face. Next thing we knew, he pulled out 9 In-N-Out burgers. I pretty much cried. It was an amazing experience. Real food is so good. haha

Next email I will be in Costa Rica - I'm about to swan dive into a new & amazing culture. Thank you for everyone's prayers and support!

Pura Vida, 

- Elder Stott

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